One Point Supports Champion in Adopting 3D Connected Worksite Model


One Point Survey are delighted to announce our involvement in a major project with Fred Champions Groundworks Limited.

They have made a major investment on surveying equipment and 3D machine control equipment on the site of 'Sherford Village'- a brand new town in Devon. This is one of the first projects in the UK of it's type to have adopted the "Connected Worksite Approach", helping to increase productivity on site. 

We at One Point Survey were responsible for supplying the Leica Geosystems equipment for Champion that's shaping the future of surveying. We worked together with the Leica Machine Control team to install these new systems.


Our Role in the Project

One Point Survey were not only responsible for fitting machine control units permanently, but also helped support Champion in expanding and contracting their fleet. 

Our Exeter Branch Sales Representative, Lee Knowles was recently interviewed on the Sherford Village site by Peter Haddock, discussing One Point Survey's role in the project. 

He mentions: "We've done the base kit, which sets the machine down for a period of time - a day or so. Once that's installed, it's just a plug & play system. As much as they've purchased, they've actually got a couple on hire from One Point."

What initially started as the installation of a couple of systems has grown into something much more. "They've seen a real increase in productivity. I think they're finding jobs that they would do in 4 days now taking two and it's really speeding things up" continued Lee.

Creating a 3D Connected Worksite

The reason we at One Point Survey are so excited about this project is the effort to create a connected worksite, utilising new systems and software to change the way work is done on site.

Much of this is thanks to the revolutionising Leica MC1 3D machine control platform, which automates and guides all heavy construction equipment. MC1 software automatically controls the position of the machine’s cutting edge, increasing efficiency for operators on construction sites.

It uses a remote cloud software called "ConX", which enables the engineers to work off-site. On the topic Lee Knowles said "The engineers can be in other places and send it up to the cloud. The guys have got it installed in their machines, they can then draw that down and use the data straight away".

    The Benefits of a 3D Connected Worksite

    • Great for the environment as less fuel is being burned, due to less people needing to be on site.
    • Less people and vehicles on site makes things safer.
    • Ease-of-use allows businesses to be more productive and work faster.
    • 3D Machine Controls allows structures to be created in ways that were too complicated before.
    • Helps surveying businesses grow. Customers will see the quality of their work, which can help them win more business.

    Mark from Champion stated "It's all down to using GPS, it makes life so much easier. We're able to put what's in the model into practice and we can follow it to the millimetre absolutely perfectly"



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