EZiCAT™ Cable Detectors from Cable Detection

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    The EZiCAT™ range of Cable Locators from Cable Detection is a true market leader when it comes to cable and pipe location.

    Obtaining accurate information about the location of buried utilities is vital in protecting employees and equipment during any project that involves excavation.

    The EZiCAT™ range improves safety onsite as it is accurate, easy to use and actively reduces human error.

    Increase safety! Save time and money!

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    Whatever your needs, you'll find what you are looking for.

  • EZiCAT™ Cable Detectors - i Range & xf Range

    EZiCAT™ cable detectors

    The i Range consists of the EZiCAT i500, EZiCAT i550, EZiCAT i600 and EZiCAT i650 Cable Detectors and offers a range of features to suit your specific cable location requirements.

    The xf Range consists of the EZiCAT i500 xfEZiCAT i550 xfEZiCAT i600 xfEZiCAT i650 xf, and EZiCAT i750 xf Cable Detectors.

    The Ezitex T100 Signal Generator is designed to work alongside the EZiCAT™ range of cable detectors.

    The key benefits of the C.A.T4™ and Genny4™ cable avoidance tools are: -

    • Fast and effective cable detection
    • Improved safety
    • Data logging and analysis

    The C.A.T4 range, the Genny4 Signal Generator, and their accessories are approved for use on the UK’s national rail infrastructure, managed by Network Rail.

    EZiCAT™ Accessories

    Ezitex T100 Signal Generator to be used with EZiCAT™ cable detectors

    When purchasing a cable detector it is important to consider the accessories you might need.

    The Ezitex T100 Signal Generator, the Signal Clamp and the Property Connection Cable all play a part in making sure that a signal can be detected. Even if a cable is not live a signal can be generated to allow detection of the cable.

    We also stock the Cable Detection Dual Frequency Sonde which helps when looking to trace a non-conductive utility.

    The Cable Detection Carry Bag allows you to carry the equipment easily and safety.

  • Features

    EZiCAT i500

    EZiCAT i550

    EZiCAT i600

    EZiCAT i650

    High Contrast LCD Display

    Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment

    5 Operating Modes - including 'Auto Mode'

    'Hazard Zone' - Shallow Service Warning

    In-built User Activated Self-Test Function

    Peak Assist Function

    Bluetooth Wireless Data Transfer

    Always Starts in 'Power Mode' for Safety

    Automatic Pinpointing

    Service Depth Indication

  • Features EZiCAT i500 xf EZiCAT i550 xf EZiCAT i600 xf EZiCAT i650 xf EZiCAT i750 xf
    High Contrast LCD Display
    Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment
    4 Operating Modes - including Auto Mode
    Mode Lock
    Hazard Zone - Shallow Service Warning
    In-built User Activated Self Test
    Peak Assist Function
    Signal Strength Indicator
    Service Depth Indication    
    Current Level Indication    
    Data Logging    
    Bluetooth Connectivity    
    Selectable Bluetooth Option    
    GPS Technology        
  • EZiCAT™ - Before You Begin Locating Cables


    EZiCAT™ - How To Use and Locate a Signal Clamp


    EZiCAT™ - How To Use and Locate a Sonde


    EZiCAT™ - How To Use a Signal Transmitter


    EZiCAT™ - How To Do a Sweep Search

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