AMA AC1 Pipe Laser

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The AC 1 is developed for the toughest of laser applications - pipe laying. It has a shock proof and water tight metal housing. It features a fully built-in battery with a very long operating life from each charge. The large control panel and the long range, visible laser beam makes the AC 1 easy to use. Unique automatic functions enable very fast and accurate setup.

PIPE LAYING - A TOUCH APPLICATION The AC 1 is engineered to withstand heavy wear during many years of hard use. The housing is manufactured in aluminium. Even the remote control is made out of metal, waterproof and rugged. The battery is completely enclosed to avoid problems with leakage and poor contact found with interchangeable battery packs, or inconvenience with external power cables.

EASE OF USE The AC 1 is designed for easy operation. The laser beam is clearly visible and workable over a range of up to 200m. Push button symbols and commands are logical and easy to understand. Advanced functions that make operation easier for the experienced user, are hidden and will not distract the inexperienced user. The display is large and legible, and it is angled upwards to be easily read from above. Its backlight can be operated from the remote control to make the display visible in poor light. The AC 1 has a large battery capacity. A full 7 hour charge will give well over a working week’s operation. In emergency cases, 30 minutes of charge will give you a full day’s use. The AC 1 can also be powered from an external battery.

QUICK SET-UP The AC 1 is quick and simple to set up for a new job.The laser beam travels fast. It will rarely take more than 10 seconds from power on to full accuracy. This means fast set-up. The AC 1 can be placed in the pipe with a large cross-axis tilt (+/-3º). The grade is automatically compensated to full accuracy. This makes it easy to get the laser in place even in tricky positions. The automatic plumb line beam travel enables you to side align the beam at any height. The beam will always travel vertically, even if the laser is placed with a large cross-axis tilt angle. You can place a rod on the edge of the trench in line with both manholes, pull up the beam with the remote control (up to 40% grade) and side align the beam onto the rod. Thereafter you let the beam go down to the working grade - the AC 1 keeps the side alignment accurate.


AMA AC1 Brochure

AMA AC1 User Manual

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