e-Safe Ground Penetrating Radar

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    By utilising Ground Probing Radar/Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) as its underlying technology, e-Safe is capable of detecting the likely presence of utility services and other below ground anomalies made from a wide range of materials including those that are non-conductive and/or non-metallic. 

    In addition: Services are not required to be carrying “Live” power, an AC current or, emanating a discernible electromagnetic field, in order to be detectable.

    Due to its unique design and easy user interface e-Safe does not require an operator to have extensive knowledge of or, prior training in GPR techniques, in order for it to be used effectively as a pre-excavation safety tool, for the purpose of service avoidance. In order to maintain safety standards and ensure maximum benefit is achieved however; we strongly recommend all operators seek training appropriate to their use and in some countries for particular trades or professions; training is often a mandatory requirement prior to first use.

    e-Safe should in most ground conditions; where utility services are found in number, achieve an approximate depth penetration of up to 1.5 metres however; as with all GPR systems, the depth actually achieved will constantly vary according to the subsurface conditions prevailing at the time of use. 

    In a typical street environment: Pipes, cables or other linear features are often found to run in line with, or directly across the line of the street. Detection success may therefore often be improved by ensuring e-Safe is deployed at right angles to the perceived path within that environment. Where the path of a service is completely unknown: It is strongly recommended e-Safe is deployed in a variety of orientations in order to maximise the likelihood of detection. 


    The e-Safe+ offers everything the e-Safe provides with added Depth Estimation capability.

    It also features a Chronos Masking Facility featuring 3 Tier Top Down-Bottom Up functionality. 

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