Fisco Big T Tape Measure

  • Big T is probably the world's most advanced measuring tape.

    Its development, based on hundreds of hours of detailed on-site research with dozens of different trade users, looked at every aspect of how professionals measure.

    The result is a tape with a multitude of user benefits designed for measuring more quickly, easily and reliably.

    Fisco Big T Specification

    • Rubber protection at all potential impact points, and apatented internal shock absorber.
    • Easy inside measurements, case size makes add-ons easy. Plus cursor shows the precise reading.
    • Unique snap-in belt holster. Holds tape securely, and quick to release.
    • Ergonomic shape feels moulded to your hand and is great to use.
    • Superior brake control - minimum effort with maximum holding power.
    • Clear-view end-hook - read the scale right up to the tip.
    • Integrated buffer on tape protects tip against damage.
    • Individual hanging packs, 5 per rip-top box
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    Fisco Big T Tape Measure