LaserLiner ThermoSpot Pro Laser

£39.99 exc. VAT


Non-contact infrared temperature measurement – With laser for focusing.

  • Functions: Surface temperature
  • Non-contact temperature measurement: This non-contact measuring method is ideal for taking temperature measurements at locations that are difficult to access. It can also be used to take measurements in hazardous zones, such as where there are moving machine parts or in electrical installations.
  • Large temperature measurement range: From -40°C to 600°C
  • Adjustable emission coefficient (0,10 – 0,99)
  • Focusing with a laser: highlighting the point to be measured and allowing you to focus very precisely.
  • Max. function: The highest value is displayed, if required.
  • LCD backlight: Illuminated LCD
  • AUTO-Hold: The most recent measured value is saved temporarily.
  • Measured value display can be switched from °C to °F.
  • Housing with rubber casing to protect against impact

Laser LinerThermoSpot Pro Brochure

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