Leica Nova TS50 Total Station

The latest generation of surveying technology concentrates on a central factor: precision.

In order to address every challenge and make fast decisions, you need the ultimate in precision and perfection that today’s technologies can offer. And that is precisely what you get with the Leica Nova TS50.

The Leica Nova TS50 redefines the meaning of precision with its optimum combination of angle and distance measuring. At the same time, it offers extraordinary acceleration and speed for highest effi ciency, integrated overview and telescope cameras and the latest intuitive SmartWorx on-board software.

True perfection: discover the Leica Nova TS50.

Leica Nova TS50 Features


The Leica Nova TS50 features an overview camera and a telescope camera with 30x magnification and autofocus.

State-of-theart image processing technology delivers live fluid video streaming of highest image quality.

The imaging capabilities of the Leica Nova TS50 open up new possibilities for operating this perfect total station in an almost infinite range of applications.


The Leica Nova TS50 provides proven total station functionality with superior sensor integration for highest precision, performance and full automation of measurement procedures.

Together with the benefits of GNSS connectivity, the Leica Nova TS50 offers complete versatility by delivering reliable results wherever and whenever you need them.


The Leica Nova TS50 is equipped with the latest Leica SmartWorx software to provide unparalleled ease-of-use and performance.

No matter how complex the application, Leica SmartWorx has functionality to complete every task with ease.

With identical operation for TPS and GNSS, changing between Leica TPS and GNSS instruments is smooth and simple.

Leica Nova TS50 Specification

    • 0.5" Angular accuracy
    • 0.5" Automatic Aiming accuracy (ATR)
    • 0.6 mm + 1 ppm to prisms
    • 2 mm + 2 ppm to any surface
    • Target acquisition with 20 Hz live video stream
    • Simple and comprehensive image-assisted documentation
    • Automatic capture of panoramic images
    • 30x magnification for high resolution images and precision target acquisition
    • Automatic focussing
    • Complete suite of applications
    • Easy-to-use with clearly laid out graphics, logical menu structures and simplified workflows
    • Best-in-class in speed and acceleration
    • Automatically find prisms with PowerSearch
    • Maximised service intervals

Additional Information

Leica Infinity software is the perfect office partner to the Leica Nova TS50.

Measurement data and digital imagery collected from the Leica Nova TS50 are seamlessly combined in Leica Infinity.

Intuitive 3D-graphic representations of acquired data enable fast and easy decision-making processes.

As all data collected in the field is available in Leica Infinity, field results can be verified, data re-computed, customisable reports can be created and all data can be exported to CAD.

The possibilities are infinite.

  • Leica NOVA TS50 I 0.5" (0.15mgon), Total Station with reflectorless EDM (R1000), automatic target recognition, PowerSearch, 5MP imaging, overview camera, telescope camera, Autofocus, WLAN, Bluetooth, RS232/USB interface, RadioHandle interface, USB stick/SD card interface, 1 GB internal flash memory, laser plummet, 2 keyboards with full VGA colour touch screens, electronic guide light EGL, SmartWorx Viva software, Quick Guide and upright container.
  • SmartWorx Viva TS Licence Key
  • Viva TS Imaging License
  • GDF321 Tribrach without Plummet
  • GKL341 Charger
  • GEB242 Battery x2
  • MSD08 SD Memory Card 8GB
  • 1yr Nova (TS/TM/MS50) Basic CCP
PDF Downloads for Leica Nova TS50 Total Station

Leica Viva Nova TS50 Brochure

Leica Viva Nova TS50 Datasheet

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