Leica Rugby 280 Dual Grade Laser Level

  • Make the Right Choice! The Leica Rugby 270SG and 280DG offer the contractor a real choice of features and functionality.

    Leica Rugby 280DG Multipurpose Plus – A horizontal, vertical and dual grade laser for any exterior or interior application.

    The Rugby 280DG is a multipurpose laser "Plus" with fully automatic, dual grade capability.

    It has a bright red beam, plumb beam, scan mode, horizontal and vertical self leveling, plus dual grade up to 15% in both axes.

    Available with a two-way remote control, the Rugby 280DG fits well in any construction plan.

  • Features - Leica Rugby 260 Laser Level

    • User Friendly - The large, backlit, graphic display provides the user with a simple to use and easy to understand interface. (Leica Rugby 280DG shown)
    • Easy Grade Entry - Select the axis, then press Up or Down to enter the required grade. Press Star button to enter higher grades by digit.
    • Beam Masking - Turns off the laser diode on up to three sides to prevent unwanted disturbances
    • Full Function Remote Control - The Leica Rugby 280DG is available with a remote to change all functions up to 100 m (330 ft)
    • Lock Mode - Grade changes can be locked in the menu to prevent unwanted changes
    • Battery Status - The battery status is always shown for the user’s reference to keep you working
    • Height of Instrument - The Rugby monitors level and alerts the user if it has moved or has been bumped
    • Selectable Head Speeds - Head speed or scan mode (Rugby 280DG) are easily set to match your needs
    • Easy to use menu - Press the Star button to open the menu and change settings
  • Box Contents

    • 1 x Leica Rugby 280 Dual Grade Laser Level
    • 1 x Battery NiMH pack
    • 1 x Charger
    • Receiver
      • Rod Eye 140 Receiver OR
      • Rod Eye 160 Receiver & Bracket (+ £50)
    • Receiver Bracket
    • RF Remote Control
  • Optional Extras

    The Optional Extras available with this product are:

    5m Construction Staff

    5m Construction Staff (£25 exc VAT)

    This leveling staff works well alongside levels and laser levels. Perfect results every time!

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    Leica GST 103 Medium-duty Aluminium Tripod

    Leica GST 103 Medium-duty Aluminium Tripod (£39.95 exc VAT)

    This is the perfect tripod for levels, laser levels and many more besides. Reliable and durable!

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  • Hire

    This laser level is also available to hire.

    Please visit our Laser Level Hire page or call us on 0800 633 5131.

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  • Calibration & Repair

    This items requires on-going maintenance to ensure its optimum performance.

    It comes with a one-year calibration certificate as standard but, after this, please feel free to contact our service team for calibration and repair services.

    Please visit our Calibration & Repair page or call us on 0800 633 5131.

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  • Feature Rugby 260SG Rugby 270SG Rugby 280DG
    90° Plumb beam
    Vertical operation
    RF remote control
    Dual grade to ± 15%
    Single grade to ± 15%
    Fully automated grade control
    Single grade to ± 10% (semi-automatic)
    Beam masking
    Bright, visible beam
    Large, intuitive, graphic display
    Simple, five-button operation
  • Leica Rugby - The Toughest Laser Level On Site

  • Downloads

    Leica Rugby 260/270/280 Brochure

    Gradient Chart

    Gradient Chart