Leica Viva GS15

Instrument Options: GS15 Base
£20,545 exc. VAT


Proven GNSS technology
Built on years of knowledge and experience, the Leica GS10 and GS15 deliver the hallmarks of Leica GNSS – reliability and accuracy.

  • Leica SmartCheck – RTK data-processing to guarantee correct results
  • Leica SmartTrack – advanced four constellation tracking of all GNSS satellites today and tomorrow
  • Leica xRTK - delivers more positions in difficult environments

Work as you want to
The Leica GS10 and GS15 are designed to suit any surveying task.

  • Exchangeable communication devices for field base stations and RTK rovers with removable SIM cards (Built-in for GS15)
  • Fully scalable sensor allows you to buy only what you need today and upgrade with additional functionality as you need it
  • Integrated web server to configure the logging of Leica or RINEX raw data and measure with one button press in the field

The Leica GS10 and GS15 are built for the most demanding environments.

  • IP68 protection against dust and continuous immersion
  • Built for extreme temperatures of -40°C to +65°C
  • Integrated intenna technology to avoid breaking, losing or forgetting antenna (for GS15)

Leica GNSS - Unlimited Trust

Leica Viva Imaging

Leica Viva Animation

Leica SmartRover

Leica Viva Range

Leica Viva GNSS Brochure

Leica Viva GNSS Equipment List

Leica Viva GS15 Downloads

Leica Viva GS15 Base and Rover Brochure

Leica Viva GS15 Base and Rover Datasheet

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