Our New Workshop

Calibration and repair for survey equipment

We have recently upgraded our workshop.

One Point Survey has always offered high-quality calibration and repair services for your survey equipment, but now our workshop is even better.

Our experienced team of engineers offer top-quality calibration and repair services for survey and safety equipment.

We can provide calibration and repair services for:-

  • Survey Equipment
    • Levels
    • Laser levels
    • Total stations
    • Pipe lasers
    • Digital levels
    • Precise levels
    • Theodolites
    • GPS survey equipment
    • Machine control
  • Safety Equipment
    • Cable detectors
    • Signal generators
    • Gas monitors
    • Tripods, winches and fall arrest kits
    • Escape kits

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Book now by phoning 0800 633 5131 or email service@onepointsurvey.com.

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