Damp Meters

  • Damp meters from Protimeter

    Damp meters allow quick, easy and accurate measurement of moisture and humidity in a wide variety of materials including wood, masonry, plaster, drywall, fibreglass and many more besides.

    The Protimeter Digital Mini is a high-quality, budget damp meter that helps you easily identify the extent of the moisture penetration, diagnose the cause of the problem and monitor changes in moisture level.

    The Protimeter Surveymaster represents the latest technology in the moisture meter industry. It provides both pin and non-invasive readings to suit all needs.

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  • Damp Meters / Moisture Meters

    Damp meters

    Damp meters, also known as moisture meters, are used to measure the moisture levels in a given material including wood, masonry, concrete, plaster, drywall, fibreglass, roofing, siding, insulation and tile.

    This information can be used used to guide important decisions in the construction industry. For example, before laying a wooden floor it may be necessary to measure the moisture level of the concrete floor below. This may help to avoid costly mistakes such as laying the floor on a floor with damp problems.

    Measuring Humidity

    Some damp meters, such as the Protimeter Hygromaster, are also capable of measuring humidity and air temperature.

    This is particularly useful for assessing the risk of condensation is an area as well as calculating the difference between surface temperature and dew point temperature.

    Choosing The Right Damp Meter

    When choosing your damp meter it is a good idea to ask yourself these questions:

    • What materials will you need to measure?
    • Will you be measuring moisture levels, humidity levels, air temperature or all three?
    • Will you be using the damp meter indoors, outdoors or both?
    • How will the damp meter take its readings? What sensors does it use?
    • Do you require the damp meter to provide non-invasive readings? (i.e. it leaves no mark on the measured material)

    Feel free to call us on 0800 633 5131 if you have any questions about the best damp meter for your needs.

    The Benefits of Using a Damp Meter

    Benefit 1: Fast and Accurate Location of Damp Areas

    We all know that damp can be hugely destructive in a wide range of materials.

    Understanding damp levels in a particular area or material can help guide important decisions on any construction site or DIY job. This can help avoid costly mistakes.

    Benefit 2: Convenient, Handheld Instrument

    The fact that all Protimeter moisture meters are handheld means that you can easily carry them in you hand, pocket or work belt.

    Complex functionality at your fingertips!

    Benefit 3: Advanced On-board Functions

    The on-board functions of each Protimeter moisture meter are designed to make life much easier for the user.

    Easy and accurate calculations are possible therefore saving time and money for the user and reducing the possibility of human error when calculating moisture, humidity and temperature.

  • Protimeter - Market Leaders

    Protimeter logo

    Founded in 1959, Protimeter are market leaders in the design, development and production of the world's most accurate and reliable moisture meters.

    The full Protimeter range caters for a wide range of materials and includes both moisture and humidity meters.

    The full Protimeter range comes with a 2 year warranty.

    Protimeter Moisture Meters

    The Protimeter range of moisture meters is designed to provide extremely accurate moisture and humidity readings from a wide range of materials including wood, masonry, plaster, drywall, fibreglass and many more besides.

    Choosing the right damp meter for your needs depends on the the range of tasks you wish to perform and the materials that you will be working with.

    The full range of Protimeter damp meters includes the Mini, Digital MiniPsycloneTimbermaster, Hygromaster, Aquant, Surveymaster and MMS 2.

    The Protimeter Range

    The Protimeter Mini is the ideal choice when looking to assess the moisture level in buildings. It is a low cost, analog pin damp meter that provides a colour-coded scale from which the use can assess moisture levels at a glance. Wood and dry-wall can be assessed the see if the moisture level is "dry", "borderline" or "damp".

    The Protimeter Digital Mini is a high-quality, budget damp meter that helps you easily identify the extent of the moisture penetration, diagnose the cause of the problem and monitor changes in moisture level.

    The Protimeter Psyclone moisture meter is designed to measure relative humidity and temperature in a wide range of environments and applications.

    The Protimeter Timbermaster is a high quality damp meter specifically designed to measure moisture in wood. Over 150 wood species can be assessed using this instrument and accuracy levels are extremely high. An instrument you can rely on!

    The Protimeter Hygromaster is designed to measure relative humidity, air temperature, dew point temperature and surface temperature. It is also capable of accurate moisture readings of a concrete floor allowing problems to be avoided when laying wood or laminate floors.

    The Protimeter Aquant is a non-invasive damp meter that can assess the moisture levels of building materials such as plaster, drywall, masonry, concrete and fibreglass. The fact that the instrument is non-invasive means you can avoid unsightly marks in the material you are testing.

    The Protimeter Surveymaster is a true professionals piece of kit. It allows for both non-invasive and pin readings. This dual mode allows the user to take sub-surface and surface moisture readings giving a complete picture of the extent of a damp problem.

    The Protimeter MMS 2 is the ultimate moisture and humidity meter. It is a four-in-one instrument that includes a measure mode, search mode, built-in hygrometer and infrared thermometer. This means it can measure surface moisture levels, sub-surface moisture levels, air humidity as well as calculate the difference between dew point and surface temperature.

  • Protimeter Digital Mini Moisture Meter - £170 exc VAT

    Protimeter Timbermaster Moisture Meter

    The Protimeter Digital Mini can help building professionals - such as contractors, surveyors, home builders and architects - assess building moisture levels during new build and refurbishing activities.

    It helps you easily identify the extent of the moisture penetration, diagnose the cause of the problem and monitor changes in moisture level.

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      Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter - £337 exc VAT

      Protimeter Timbermaster Moisture Meter

      The new Protimeter Surveymaster moisture meter represents the latest design and technology in the moisture meter arena.

      It offers two ways to calculate moisture: -

      • Measure mode uses the two pins at the top of the instrument
      • Search mode uses a radio signal to measure moisture under the surface.

      This dual mode damp meter can therefore take surface and sub-surface readings allowing the user to distinguish between the two. This is vital information when looking to establish the extent of a damp problem.

      The professional's choice!

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    • Protimeter Mini Moisture Meter


      Protimeter Timbermaster Moisture Meter


      Protimeter Hygromaster Humidity Meter


      Protimeter Aquant Moisture Meter


      Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter


    • Downloads

      Protimeter Mini Brochure

      Protimeter Timbermaster Brochure

      Protimeter Timbermaster Manual

      Protimeter Hygromaster Brochure

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      Protimeter Aquant Brochure

      Protimeter Aquant Manual

      Protimeter Surveymaster Brochure

      Protimeter Surveymaster Manual

      Protimeter Surveymaster Application Note

      Protimeter MMS 2 Brochure

      Protimeter MMS 2 Application Note

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