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Vivax vCam-5 Camera SystemVivax vCam-5 Camera System
Vivax vCam-5 Camera System
Price on Application
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Laser Liner ThermoSpot Pro Laser
LaserLiner ThermoSpot One
LaserLiner ThermoSpot One
£39.99 exc. VAT
LaserLiner ThermoSpot LaserLaserLiner ThermoSpot Laser
LaserLiner ThermoSpot Laser
£52.99 exc. VAT
LaserLiner ThermoSpot Plus
LaserLiner ThermoSpot Plus
£89.99 exc. VAT
Laser Liner LuxTest-MasterLaser Liner LuxTest-Master
Laser Liner AirflowTest-MasterLaser Liner AirflowTest-Master in box
Protimeter Mini Moisture MeterProtimeter Mini Moisture Meter measuring moisture in wood
Laser Liner SoundTest-MasterLaser Liner SoundTest-Master in box
Laser Liner CondenseSpot Pro Laser
Save £3
Protimeter Hygromaster Moisture MeterProtimeter Hygromaster Humidity Meter tilted at an angle
Protimeter Hygromaster Humidity Meter
£220 exc. VAT £223 exc. VAT
Protimeter Timbermaster Moisture Meter
Protimeter Aquant Moisture MeterProtimeter Aquant Moisture Meter with pouch
Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture MeterProtimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter full kit
Protimeter Hygromaster 2 with Hygrostick
LaserLiner ThermoVisualizer
LaserLiner ThermoVisualizer
£499.99 exc. VAT
Protimeter MMS 2 Moisture MeterProtimeter MMS 2 Moisture Meter shown from 4 different angles
Protimeter MMS 2 Moisture Meter
From £676 exc. VAT
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CCTV Drain Inspection Camera
CCTV Drain Inspection Camera
From £915 exc. VAT
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Thermal Imaging Camera - LaserLiner ThermoCamera CompactLaserLiner ThermoCamera Compact viewed from the back
Vivax vCam MX-2 Camera HeadsVivax vCam MX-2 Camera Heads
Vivax vCam MX-2 Camera Heads
From £1,895 exc. VAT
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LaserLiner ThermoXplorer Pro
LaserLiner ThermoXplorer Pro
£2,059.99 exc. VAT
LaserLiner ThermoCamera-VisionLaserLiner ThermoCamera-Vision with tripod
LaserLiner ThermoCamera-Vision
£2,899.99 exc. VAT
Vivax vCam MX-2 Mini Camera SystemVivax vCam MX-2 Mini Camera System
Vivax vCam MX-2 Mini Camera System
From £3,560 exc. VAT
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Vivax vCam-6 Camera SystemVivax vCam-6 Camera System
Vivax vCam-6 Camera System
From £6,199 exc. VAT
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