Leica Machine Control

Leica Geosystems have created some of the world’s leading 1D, 2D and 3D Machine Control systems, designed by leading industry experts for increased on site productivity, ease of use and accuracy.

2D Machine Control Systems use landmarks and laser technology as points of reference during excavation.

3D Machine Control Systems have the added benefit of GPS Machine Control technology, which can digitally project site plans and generate real-time data. This addition makes the 3D option better suited to more complex and demanding tasks where multiple machines may be required.

Leica Geosystems have considered all site requirements when designing their Machine Control for Dozers, Excavation and Graders successfully creating Machine Control suited to all tasks with guaranteed user satisfaction.

The hardware and software have a unified platform working together intuitively and the instruments are interchangeable across many heavy construction machines making your construction site digitised and your workday smoother and more efficient.

Recommended Leica Machine Control for Graders - The Leica iCON iGD3 grading system will revolutionise the way you move dirt and fine-grade. It not only boosts your productivity; it also offers unmatched flexibility. The 3D system brings design surfaces inside the cab.

Recommended Leica Machine Control for Excavation - The Leica iCON iXE1 PowerDigger Lite is our simplest, most economic and user-friendly excavator control system. It is perfect for backhoes and mini- excavators.

Recommended Leica Machine Control for Dozers - The Leica ICON IGG4 – 3D System is so user-friendly that there is reduced need for in-depth training. Materials can be moved in all directions and jobs are finished much more quickly.

Here, we introduce you to a few of our high-quality Leica Geosystem Machine Control instruments.

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Leica iCON iXE2 

ixe2 machine control

The Leica iCON iXE2 is an easy-to-use, multifunctional 2D control system designed to make excavating easier and more productive.

There are many benefits to choosing the IXE2 from Leica.  

The system has been designed to enable the easy construction of multiple elevations and slopes at any orientation without having to reset the machine or laser height reference. You simply enter the required depth and slopes and start digging.

User-friendly features include its user interface with intuitive graphics, tilt rotation support, bucket reference points, an altitude warning system for when working with overhead restrictions such as bridges and overhanging cables. This really is the Machine Control for all abilities and tasks.

The PowerSnap feature means you quickly and easily get going as soon as you arrive on site. Its rapid interchange of control panels between machines guarantees extra flexibility on site while being easy to remove for safe overnight storage.


  • Accurate single/dual slope control – It displays the bucket’s position in relation to the design elevation and slope
  • Integrated tilt rotator support - Providing integrated tilt rotator support for clear guidance for the tilt and rotation position
  • Flexible and fully upgradeable system - Fully upgradeable with unique PowerSnap concept enabling instant installation and full interchangeability of control boxes
  • Real time cut/fill indication on the graphic display – Everything can be controlled without leaving the machinery you are managing.
  • Grade checking is taken care of – This saves time and makes productivity more efficient and accurate
  • Reduce/remove the risk of over excavation – Knowing you can dig to the planned grade easily and accurately means you instantly start to save on material and fuel costs
  • Can be used on multiple machines - PowerSnap allows you to interchange control panels easily and rapidly as and when you need to

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Leica iCON Grade iGG2

Leica Machine Control IGG2

The Leica iCON grade iGG2 system is the perfect 3D Machine Control system for dozers or graders. It dramatically increases machine use and productivity optimising material usage on any earth moving and fine-grading contract. It can be used with a wide range of sensors and combines ease-of-use and flexibility with a powerful and intuitive user interface.

The key to the iCON grade iGG2 system lies in its unique PowerSnap™ concept – a single docking station allowing easy and quick exchange of panels, depending on the job you need to do. Just snap the control panel into place and get to work.
The iCON grade iGG2 system provides automatic control of both slope and elevation adding an extra mast and laser sensor. This allows you to work independently of the slope direction.


  • Contact-free - Sealed control/display panels remove the need for inconvenient connectors or cables
  • Visuals - A fully graphic display guiding the operator
  • Ease of installation - Considered in the design because Leica know how important your time is.
  • Control - Automatic side-shift control for motor grader moldboards with unique Tri-Sonic technology
  • Waterproof - Fully waterproof system, designed for the harshest construction environments

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Leica iCON iGG4 3D System 

Leica Machine Control IGG4

The Leica ICON IGG4 – 3D System allows you to exploit all possibilities taking full advantage of your motor grader with many benefits to motor grader operators for a wide range of applications. It is so user-friendly that there is less need for in-depth training and many trainee operators feel immediately comfortable using it. Materials can be moved in all directions and jobs are finished much more quickly.

You can perform tasks with the grader which previously seemed impossible. Crab walk when creating ditches or grade side slopes – let iGG4 automatically control the blade of the motor grader while you focus on putting the machine in the optimal position. The bottom line is: you save money by getting more production out of the machines you already own by adding an iCON grade iGG4 to your grader.


  • Accuracy - Maximise the potential of your motor grader for a wider range of applications with higher accuracy
  • Automatic Running Mode - Run your machine in automatic mode, while moving with precision in any direction
  • Efficiency - The dual antenna configuration enhances accuracy, resulting in less rework
  • Ease of Use - Crab walk your motor grader to properly handle material windrows and precisely grade side slopes or create ditches
  • Expansion opportunities - The scaleable iCON grade solution lets you expand your system as your projects grow in scope and size. Only invest in what you need
  • PowerSnap - Same panel use for any functionality level on any machine supported by iCON 3D

The dual antennae configuration for motor graders offers clear advantages over single mast GNSS solutions. The blade position can be easily and accurately calculated from any position, allowing you to grade precisely and efficiently.

Featuring the latest GNSS technology with the iCON gps 80 receiver, the iCON grade iGG4 system ensures fast and reliable grading in any application.

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Leica SP Technology

Leica SP Technology for Machine Control

Leica Geosystems SP technology guarantees speed and productivity, smoothness and precision for machine control.

What is Leica SP Technology?

Leica SP Technology offers unique flexibility and user-friendliness offers superior performance so you can get the very most out of your equipment and your site staff.

There are many key benefits to using SP technology, not least that it allows you to work on grading tasks twice as fast with improved hydraulic control, machine utilisation and material usage. All of this will save money.

The SP technology can be applied in any environment or on any surface so site, weather and environmental factors have vastly reduced impact meaning you can effectively get on with the task in hand with consistently reliable and accurate results.

The key component to Leica’s SP Technology is the SP14 sensor which provides inertial guidance.

Together with the, 5 times faster hydraulic control, the performance of the machine control system is significantly enhanced. Operators can work through momentary lapses in satellite coverage or lost signal, enjoying maximum uptime. Fine grade with your bulldozer in 3rd gear.

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