Are You Looking To Hire Levels? - Automatic Levels, Digital Levels, Precise Levels

Level Hire - Levels for hire including automatic levels, digital levels and precise levels.

Our range of automatic levels offer a huge amount of flexibility whether you are working in construction, groundworks, civil engineering, landscape gardening and much more besides.

Please call 0800 633 5131 to discuss your hire requirements.

We hire Automatic Levels including the Leica NA700 range which offers superior accuracy.

Our Digital Levels are capable of a great many jobs including area leveling, leveling at construction sites, land surveys and line leveling. A particular favourite with civil engineers.

Our Precise Levels meet all requirements regarding precision, convenience and reliability.

Hire Fleet - Automatic Levels, Digital Levels & Precise Levels

Level Hire - The One Point Survey Equipment fleet of vans covering Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire.

Our Automatic Levels include the Leica Jogger 24, Leica Runner 24, and Leica NA700 range. These are all fantastically accurate levels and come with the option of a tripod or staff.

Our Digital Levels include the Leica Sprinter 150M and 250M as well as the Leica DNA10 and DNA03. A tripod and bar-coded staff are also available.

Our Precise Levels include the Leica NA2 and Leica NAK2 as well as associated accessories such as the parallel plate and invar staff.

Our fleet of automatic level, digital levels and precise levels is maintained to include the most up-to-date equipment.

Our hire fleet is tested and calibrated to manufacturers specification to maintain site use and peace of mind for both short and long term rental.

Reliable instruments at low-cost prices!

Hire Prices

Instrument Accessories Price Per Week (exc VAT)
Automatic Levels
Leica Jogger 24 Tripod & staff Enquire >>
Leica Runner 24 Tripod & staff Enquire >>
Leica NA720 Tripod & staff Enquire >>
Leica NA724 Tripod & staff Enquire >>
Leica NA728 Tripod & staff Enquire >>
Leica NA730 Tripod & staff Enquire >>
Digital Levels
Leica Sprinter 150M Digital Level Enquire >>
Leica Sprinter 250M Digital Level Enquire >>
Leica DNA10 Digital Level Enquire >>
Leica DNA03 Digital Level Enquire >>
Tripod & Bar-Coded Staff Enquire >>
Precise Levels
Leica NA2 Precise Level Enquire >>
Leica NAK2 Precise Level Enquire >>
Parallel Plate (for NA2 and NAK2) Enquire >>
Invar Staff (for NA2 and NAK2) Enquire >>

Level Hire in the South of England

Level Hire South England - The One Point Survey Equipment fleet of vans covering Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire.

Our level hire services cover the south of England and beyond.

We can often offer door-to-door delivery and collection within:-

  • Berkshire
  • Cornwall
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • Hampshire
  • Somerset
  • Surrey
  • Sussex
  • Wiltshire

If you require quality level hire services within these counties then please contact 0800 633 5131.

Our Branches

Verwood, Dorset

Exeter, Devon

Level Hire Bournemouth - One Point Survey Equipment branch in Verwood, Dorset Level Hire Exeter - One Point Survey Equipment branch in Exeter, Devon

One + Point Limited,
Verwood Branch,
Unit 6,
28 Black Moor Road,
Ebblake Industrial Estate,
BH31 6BB.

One + Point Limited,
Exeter Branch,
Unit 14,
Chitterley Business Centre,
EX5 4DB.

0800 633 5131 or 01202 824422

01392 861 761



Opening Hours
8.00am - 5.00pm (Mon-Fri)

Opening Hours
8.00am - 5.00pm (Mon-Fri)