LaserLiner CondenseSpot Pro Laser

£165 exc. VAT


Infrared thermometer for locating thermal bridges and condensation moisture.


  • Functions: surface temperature ambient temperature relative air humidity dew point temperature
  • Temperature measurement in difficult to reach places or in endangered measuring zones
  • The integrated hygrometer determines relative air humidity and calculates the dew point temperature.
  • Localisation of thermal bridges and places endangered by the formation of condensation water.
  • The multi-function display: provides sufficient space for all measured values
  • Condensation water indicator as bar graph display
  • Min/Max/Avg display: The smallest, largest or average measured value can be displayed, as needed.
  • Adjustable emission coefficient (0.10 … 0.99)
  • Measurement display in °C or °F, selectable.
  • Data-Hold: The most recent measured values are saved temporarily.
  • LCD Backlight: Illuminated LCD
  • Rubber-cased housing for impact protection

Laser Liner CondenseSpot Pro Brochure

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