Laser Liner DistanceMaster Home - Laser Distance Meter

  • Laser distance finder - measure exactly to the point more quickly with the help of new technology.

    Point-precise measuring with laser light to determine lengths exactly.

    • Simple height measurement with dual Pythagoras measurement function to automatically detect heights.
    • + 3. The area and volume functions permit the acquisition of room sizes, for example to calculate material quantities
    • Simple assessment of room perimeter with the addition and subtraction functions.
    • The wall surface function automatically adds up surfaces by measuring the lengths of walls as well as their height once.
    • With versatile calculation and memory functions
    • Measuring accuracy up to 25 m: + 3 mm*
    • Inside measurement range: 0,2 m to 25 m.
    • 3 selectable measurement reference points: front, rear and pin
    • Min/Max function to determine diagonals, verticals and horizontals
    • Reference mode for easy transfer of lengths
    • Illuminated 3-line LCD
    • With fold-out pin for measuring from inside corners
  • Package includes: -

    • Laser Liner DistanceMaster Home
    • Batteries
    • Soft bag
  • Downloads

    Laser Liner DistanceMaster Home Brochure