Leica 3D DISTO™ with 4Site Software

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Introducing the revolutionary Leica 3D Disto - 3D measuring just became easy

No square corners? Slanted walls? Lots of detail? Staircases? Difficult to reach areas?

No need to worry: the rugged Leica 3D Disto measures it all.

The Leica 3D Disto cleverly combines distance and 360° angle measurements to determine the precise position of each measured point and its relationship in 3 Dimensions.

The integrated camera relays images of the point being measured to the wireless touchscreen tablet and the Leica Disto laser captures the distance remotely using the laser.

In short: the Leica 3D Disto detects the location and height of target points. Data is captured and displayed on the tablet screen or can be exported into packages such as Cad for further processing.  The result: an efficient, precise, and fast laser measuring tool that is revolutionarily, making even the hardest measuring tasks easy to handle.

The Leica 3D Disto is a robust, precisely manufactured measuring instrument. A highly accurate combination of distance and angle measurements determine the precise position of each point targeted with the integral camera and captured with the laser beam. In short: the Leica 3D Disto detects the location and the height of the target point

It can do everything

  • Measure plan position, height and distance,in all three spatial axes
  • Intuitive user guidance from Assistants
  • Measure from one station – every visible point can be measured by targeting with the visible laser dot – without the need to walk to the target
  • Measure to difficult-to-reach points, such as roof edges
  • As-built records of ceiling, floor and roof surfaces, volumes, inclination, falls, height differences, angles
  • Plumbing of points, parallel offsetting of axis, levelling, transferring levels from wall to wall. Forget spirit level and measuring tapes!
  • Realtime display of measurements as drawings on the screen
  • Positionally accurate representation of the measured points in the camera display
  • Pocket calculator
  • Recording information in the form of standard tables, photos, DXF files, text files at the press of a button
  • Remote control measurements
  • Data import and export on PC and US B stick

Location, height, and distance can now be measured in XYZ from one location, in one measurement. It has never been easier to create as-built records of ceiling, floor, and roof surfaces; volumes; slopes; height differences; angles; and much more. Plumb points despite obstacles – no problem!
The rugged, non-slip sensor can be placed on any stable surface or mounted on a tripod using the 5/8"-11 thread.

The Leica 3D Disto is controlled by a robust, hand-held unit or by remote control. Points are aimed at and measurements triggered on the clear, high-resolution screen and the 8x zoom is perfect for longer distances.

Users will be amazed by the intuitive user interface. “Wizards” assist with more complex measuring tasks. The real-time display of measurements as drawings on the screen allow on-site completeness checks. At the press of a button data is recorded in standard tables, photos, DXF, and text files. It is so easy!

Package includes: -

  • Leica 3D Disto
  • 4Site Software for Leica 3D Disto
  • Carry Case
  • Hand-held Touch-Screen Unit
  • Power Supply
  • RM100 Infrared Remote Control
  • USB A-B Cable

Leica 3D DISTO™ Room Scan


Leica 3D DISTO™ Measuring Slop Area


Leica 3D DISTO™ Relocation


Leica 3D DISTO™ Projector


Leica 3D DISTO™ Brochure

Leica 3D DISTO™ User Manual

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