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Leica DISTO™ D2 Laser Distance Meter

  • Leica DISTO™ D2 is now well established in the market as the world’s smallest laser measuring device.

    As well as the traditional survey markets the Leica DISTO™ D2 is the chosen laser measuring tool for many indoor trades such as electricians, plumbers and flooring contractors.

    This small but robust measurer is smaller than many mobile phones but is packed with easy to use basic measuring functions.  With a 1.5mm accuracy laser and a range of up to 60 metres it is ideal for most internal applications.

    The Leica DISTO™ D2 is very easy to use and is a true Leica laser product at a very competitive price and still including a 3 Year Warranty.

  • Package includes: -

    • Leica DISTO™ D2 Laser Distance Meter
    • Case
    • Strap
    • Batteries
    • User manual
    • 3 Year warranty
  • Features of the Leica DISTO™ D2

    • Addition and subtraction of distance and area
    • Measures area and volume at the touch of a button
    • The last ten measurements are automatically stored and can be recalled at any time
    • The flip-out end means you can guarantee accuracy when measuring from edges and corners
    • Preset distances (and multiples thereof) can be set to make an audible sound, notifying you immediately.
  • Benefits of the Leica DISTO™ D2

    1) Small and handy

    The smallest laser distance measure in the World! With its compact design and soft grip, the Leica DISTO™ D2 sits securely in your hand and fits into any pocket.

    2) Clear display

    The results are shown on a clear 3-line display. The illuminated display is easily readable, even in the dark.

    3) Flip-out end piece

    Measure from edges or corners -with the flip-out end-piece you are equipped for any measuring situation.

    4) Quick and easy

    Measure distances at the touch of a button and calculate areas or volumes.

    Handy and Easy-to-use - The Small Partner for Precise Indoor Measuring

    Thanks to its ergonomic and compact design with soft grip edging, the Leica DISTO™ D2 sits securely in your hand.

    The laser measure is water resistant and has a foil keypad with clear symbols for ease of use. The measure button is arranged ergonomically and the function button contains the area, volume and stack-out functions.

    The Leica DISTO™ D2 has a three line display that shows the single and final results of different measurements, such as area and volume calculations, at the same time. The results are easy to read, even in the dark, thanks to the illuminated display. The addition of a manually activated end piece adds the flexibility of measuring into corners.

    The Leica DISTO™ D2 is a true laser measure and should not be mistaken for the Sonic (sound measures) available in the DIY stores.  This laser measure is an accurate professional measuring device with a 3 year professional Leica Warranty available from us.

  • The Optional Extras available with this product are:

    Leica GVP508 DISTO Softbag

    Leica GVP508 DISTO Softbag (£29.99 exc VAT)

    The Leica GVP508 DISTO Softbag provides protection for your DISTO distance meter as well as pockets for all relevant manuals, CDs, cables and other equipment.

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    Leica TRi100 Tripod close up

    Leica Tripod TRi100 (£61.00 exc VAT)

    Aluminum tripod with easy fine adjustment. For use with the Leica Lino and Leica DISTO ranges.

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  • Downloads

    Leica DISTO™ D2 Brochure

    Leica DISTO™ Family Brochure