Leica iCON iCP41 - 3D System

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Leica iCON excavate iCP41 Excavator System.

The iCON excavate iCP41 for excavators and wheel loaders has a key pad and touch screen for user input. The display is a 7" wide screen and has state of the art brightness, making it possible to use in sunny environments.

The rugged IP56 enclosure is designed for harsh environments. For utmost reliability in harsh and dusty environments, no connecting cables or power supply plugs are used in the iCON excavate iCP41.

  • The iCON excavate iCP41 is wirelessly powered from the MMB1300 cradle by induction
  • Data transfer is via wireless interface between the MMB1300 cradle and the iCON excavate iCP41
  • The iCON excavate iCP41 has WLAN hardware support (for future use)
  • On the bottom of the iCON excavate iCP41 are connectors for SIM card and USB

Leica iCON iCP41 3D Machine Control User Manual

Leica iCON iCP41 3D Machine Control Datasheet

Leica iCON Grade Brochure

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