Leica iCON iCT30 Construction Layout Tool

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LEICA iCON iCT30 Construction Layout Tool

With the Leica iCON iCT30, Leica Geosystems introduces a construction layout tool that is tailored to any layout tasks in the building construction industry. 

The iCT30 in combination wit Leica iCON build field software is an easy to use solution that facilitates the move from traditional analogue layout methods to modern digital techniques.

Even though the iCT30 is highly accurate it is durable to withstand tough and challenging building construction environments. 


Made for Construction

Equipped with the well-established and construction tailored field software Leica iCON build, the iCT30 meets most requirements for layout applications and as-built checks.

Go Digital

The easy-to-use combination of iCT30 and iCON build field software facilitate the move from traditional analogue to modern digital layout methods.

Maximise Uptime

Layout more points per day with the most stable prism lock for construction layout tools.


With the robotic construction layout tool iCT30, only one person is required to fulfil the layout tasks. Easy-to-use hardware and software enables the whole workforce on your site to layout.


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    Leica iCON iCT30 Construction Layout Tool

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