Leica NA320 Automatic Level

£175 exc. VAT


Automatic levels for daily levelling tasks.

Unique, accurate and simple - Professionals face many obstructions on site. Whatever the leveling challenge, Leica NA320 levels overcome. Rely on the known expertise of Leica Geosystems for the best quality and performance. On your terms, on your site, Leica Geosystems and the Leica NA300 Series are your trusted partners for accurate measurements every time.

Unique - Whether you're facing basic demands or you need more support, the unique design of the Leica NA300 Series of automatic (optical) levels can meet you wherever you are in the building and construction field. With a better protected shape, these rugged levels offer increased ergonomic handling while ensuring you receive the highest quality results at the best price value.

Accurate - Leica NA300 Series levels have been engineered for daily levelling tasks. Whatever the need, these levels measure with the highest precision and accuracy. These automatic (optical) levels provide the highest in both while being ergonomic in their handling and rugged for daily use in the harshest conditions.

Simple - A perfectly designed mirror makes it extremely easy to adjust the horizontal level with the highest possible accuracy and confidence. The Leica NA300 Series levels - along with all our automatic (optical) levels -are made for everyday use for any site.

Protected - More than 270 Leica Geosystems Service Centres worldwide ensure you work with complete peace of mind, wherever a construction site is located on the globe. Leica Geosystems offers unbeaten service with all of its NA Series levels. The IP54 standard ensures the highest quality measurements even in the most challenging environments.

Key Benefits of the Leica NA300 Range

  • Quick and easy measurements
  • Unique design and highest quality of results for levelling needs
  • Manufactured for the most rugged sites and the harshest conditions
  • Expert knowledge of Leica Geosystems with more than 270 service centres worldwide
  • Unbeaten service offering

Box Contents

  • Leica NA320 Automatic Level
  • Carry Case
  • User Manual
  • Calibration Certificate - 1 Year
Model NA320 NA324 NA332
Standard deviation for 1 km double levelling (ISO17123-2) 2.5 mm 2.0 mm 1.8 mm
Telescope image
Magnification 20 x 24 x 32 x
Objective aperture
36 mm
Shortest target distance from instrument axis
< 1.0 m
Field of view at 100 m
< 2.1 m
Multiplication factor
Additive constant 0
Working range
± 15’
Setting accuracy (standard deviation)
< 0.5’’
8’ / 2 mm
Horizontal circle  
Graduation interval
Weight (net)
1.5 kg
Operating temperature range
–20°C to +40°C

Leica NA300 Series Brochure

Leica NA300 Series User Manual

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