Protimeter Digital Mini

£170 exc. VAT


The Protimeter Digital Mini can help building professionals - such as contractors, surveyors, home builders and architects - assess building moisture levels during new build and refurbishing activities.

It helps you easily identify the extent of the moisture penetration, diagnose the cause of the problem and monitor changes in moisture level.

Plus, the ability to add optional attachments and a patent pending reference mode enables you to compare your reading with a baseline measurement.

  • Simple to use, one button operation
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Simple moisture readings
  • Color changing LED’s to show moisture condition


  • Digital Mini
  • 2-Pin Moisture Probe
  • Calcheck device
  • Pouch
  • Belt loop
  • Operators Instructions
  • 9v battery
Reliable Moisture Measurement Shows results on the large digital display as well as the easy to interpret color LED display. The instrument has an auxiliary port for optional moisture probes.
Measure Mode Pin-Type Pin mode is used to measure the moisture level at the surface. Sub-surface measurements can be obtained by using the Digital Mini with optional probes.
Reference Mode Reference mode is used when there is a need to compare measurements taken at a number of points against a selected reference value.
Downloads - Protimeter Digital Mini BLD5702

Protimeter Digital Mini Brochure 

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