RollPilot D12 Digital Road Wheel

  • The RollPilot D12 Road Wheel is a digital metering wheel that delivers accurate measured values at all ranges up to 9.999,9 m.

    Key Features:

    • Easy-to-read, illuminated LC display directly on the handle.
    • Addition when wheels are turning forwards, subtraction when wheels are turning backwards.
    • Hold function for holding the measured value.
    • The moving pointer shows the exact start and end positions allowing for greater accuracy.
    • Foldable for easy transport using the softbag supplied.
    • Measured value memory for 5 entries.
    • The metering wheel has an exact 1-metre circumference.
  • Package Includes:

    • RollPilot D12 Digital Road Wheel
    • Softbag Carry Case
    • Battery