Topcon MS AX2 Monitoring Station

Price on Application


Topcon MS AX2 Monitoring Station Brochure

The Topcon MS AX2 Monitoring Station is a High Accuracy Measuring Station.

Major civil engineering tasks often demand the highest possible accuracy and reliability, and the MS total station series will surpass your expectations.

A solution for the ultra-precise measurement of dimensions and geometry, the MS series was designed to meet the needs of manufacturing, service, and maintenance.

Set your expectations high when accuracy is paramount for projects that must monitor displacement and deformation.


  • Rapid 2D Monitoring®
  • Industrial measurement
  • First-order survey
  • Advanced auto-pointing for multiple prisms
  • Matrix detection
  • Ultra high-precision distance measurement
  • Advanced angle calibration
  • Adjusting mechanism for angle measuring
  • Superior auto-pointing accuracy
  • Precise angle accuracies 0.5” (MS05AXII) and 1” (MS1AXII)
  • Auto-aiming accuracy of 1”
  • Remote control through on-line PC
  • Enforced durability for long term deformation and monitoring applications


MS series is perfect for:

  • Geospatial Monitoring
  • Civil Engineering & Design
  • Utilities
  • Mining
  • Monitoring

Kit Components

  • MS Measuring Station
  • 2x Batteries and charger
  • Lens cap and hood
  • Tool kit
  • Plumb bob
  • Digital manual
  • Vinyl cover
  • Carry case and straps

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