Best Accessories for Survey Equipment

Accessories are an essential purchase when buying your survey and safety equipment items.

Having the best and most appropriate equipment accessories will certainly help to enhance product capability and just to make the job that much easier!

Making sure you have the right accessories for a job will save you time, money and increase onsite safety.

At One Point Survey, we offer a full & comprehensive range of accessories for survey equipment, whether you’re looking for survey nails, carrier bags or tripods – we have it all!

We’ve put together a list of some of the best accessories for survey equipment.

Chargers & Batteries

Best Accessories for Survey Equipment - Batteries available at One Point Survey

A simple choice of accessories, chargers & batteries are obvious but that doesn’t make them any less important!

Imagine getting to the worksite and realising you can’t do any work because you either haven’t got a battery or it isn’t charged up! It’s an easily avoidable issue.

For batteries to have a long service life, retain their performance & operate without malfunctions, they must be correctly maintained, stored, charged & discharged.

In some cases, it is an excellent idea to have spare batteries and chargers in case anything goes wrong or missing.

We stock a wide range of batteries and chargers that are suitable to a variety of different products

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Best Leica Battery Charger

Winner: Leica GKL341 Multi-bay Battery Charger

This battery charger is a direct replacement for the GKL221 charge with improved technologies making it more future proof and a longer-term investment. The Leica GKL341 provides a reliable supply of power to surveying equipment ensuring batteries are well maintained and they provide the best performance for as long as possible.

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Best Accessories for Survey Equipment - Leica GKL341 Multi-bay Battery Charger - Available at One Point Survey

Receivers & Brackets

Best Accessories for Survey Equipment- Leica Rod Eye Receiver - Available at One Point Survey

Receivers are incredibly useful when it comes to the use of Laser Levels as they can help to locate a laser beam over a large work area or in bright light conditions.

A receiver is clamped in position to allow for steady & accurate results, to do this you will need a detector bracket!

It’s important to make sure that you have enough receivers and brackets for the job, thankfully One Point Survey has an excellent range of both Leica Rod Eye Receivers & Detector Brackets!

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Best Leica Rod Eye Receiver

Winner: Leica Rod Eye 180 Classic

The Leica Rod Eye Receiver 180 Classic has integrated remote radio utilities, digital readout, 0.5mm accuracy, high application performance and strobe rejection. This receiver is of the highest standard and offers the perfect solutions for construction and interior use. 

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Best Accessories for Survey Equipment - Rod Eye Receiver 140 Classic - Available at One Point Survey

Tripods & Staffs

Best Accessories for Survey Equipment - Tripods Available at One Point Survey

Tripods are also a simple but incredibly useful accessory and a must have for surveyors using lasers, levels, total stations & more!

Tripods are essential in holding survey equipment steady and allowing for accurate readings and results.

Levelling staffs are also a great accessory to have, they are used with a surveyor’s level to measure difference in elevation.

We offer a full range of different tripods and levelling staffs to suit specific products, get in touch with us today to discuss any requirements you might have!

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Best Tripod

Winner: Birchwood/Fibreglass Hybrid Tripod

This Birchwood/Fibreglass hybrid tripod guarantees stability and weather resistance and is extremely well suited to heavier items and mechanically driven total stations. You can be assured that this tripod will withstand the challenging conditions of any construction site.

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Best Accessories for Survey Equipment - Birchwood/Fibreglass Hybrid Tripod - Available at One Point Survey


Best Accessories for Survey Equipment - Tribrachs Available at One Point Survey

Tribrachs are attachment plates which secure surveying equipment to tripods. They play an important role in measurement accuracy providing torsional rigidity and allowing for precision in measurement. It is crucial that tribrachs can withstand the harsh and rugged conditions of construction sites.

All of our tribrachs are tested for torsional rigidity and are of the highest quality.

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Other Accessories

Best Accessories for Survey Equipment - Carriers Available at One Point Survey

Alongside the accessories we have mentioned we also offer so much more, including:

View our full range of accessories below! 

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