A Buyers Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras

Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras

  1. What is a Drain Inspection Camera?
  2. Laser Measures: To Buy or Hire?
  3. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Drain Inspection Camera
  4. Types of Drain Inspection Camera
  5. Drain Inspection Camera Brands
  6. Accessories

We hope our guide helps you make the right decision!

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1. What is a Drain Inspection Camera?

Drain inspection camera footage - A Buyers Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras

Drain inspection cameras are incredibly useful tools that can determine exact problems within drains and other areas of the sewer industry.

Sewer & drain damage and other unknown issues can cause serious problems but using a drain inspection camera to inspect the area can save you both time and money.

There are some truly high-quality cameras available that can offer a range of features to make the job even easier such as:

  • High Quality Video Recording
  • Typewriter for Taking Notes
  • Audio Recording
  • Data Storing & Sharing

Depending on your needs these cameras can be affordable and well worth the money.
Take a look at our range of CCTV Drain Inspection Cameras here:

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The vCam-6 HD inspection system from Vivax-Metrotech

Best Overall Drain Inspection Camera

Winner: Vivax vCAM 6 

The Vivax-Metrotech vCam-6 HD inspection system gives you flexibility to cover a wide range of inspections using the latest technology packaged in a rugged, lightweight, compact profile made for the harsh conditions related to sewer lateral inspections.

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2. Drain Inspection Cameras: To Buy or Hire?

CCTV Drain inspection camera available at one point - A Buyers Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras

Deciding you want or need Drain inspection camera is the first step, next you will need to decide whether buying or hiring is best for you.

The answer is different for every individual and so there are some important things to consider before making the decision: 

  • How often will the product be used? Buying an inspection camera outright can be an ideal option for those who know that it will be regularly used as this will more than make up for the price. However, if you’re using it here and there for odd jobs perhaps it would be more cost effective to hire the product. 
  • What is your budget? Buying expensive products outright might not be an option for some. Thankfully, there are affordable options for inspection cameras & they are also available to hire! 

Find out more about Hiring vs Buying below!
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3. Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Drain Inspection Camera

Troglotech T804 available at One Point Survey - A Buyers Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras

There are many different Drain Inspection Cameras available for use and so there is a lot to consider when trying to choose the right one for you:

  • Recording Time – Different drain inspection cameras offer varying recording time limits. It’s important to make sure that your inspection camera can record footage for as long as you need. The Troglotech T804 offers up to 8 hours of recording time, an ideal choice for most! 
  • Hand-Held Vs. Reel Inspection Camera – There are two main types of drain inspection camera, hand-held and reel. Hand-held cameras are very useful and versatile as they are typically cordless to allow for more portability. However, reel inspection cameras are also incredibly useful as most offer many and more of the features that hand-held do, with the added bonus of a much longer cable length! Make sure you know your needs and choose the right type for you. 
  • Typewriter – Some cameras will offer a typewriter with a fully functional keyboard. These can be used to make notes of observations and issues within damaged drains & pipes. Typically, these cameras will cost more but they can be well worth the money! Take a look at the Vivax vCam-5 camera which offers this feature and much more! 
  • Price: As always, you get what you pay for when it comes to these products. So, expect the more expensive products to offer a more comprehensive range of features! However, there are plenty of budget options available to customers, including our CCTV Drain Inspection Camera.

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CCTV Drain Inspection Camera - Available at One Point Survey - A Buyers Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras

Best Budget Drain Inspection Camera

Winner: CCTV Drain Inspection Camera

This system comes in its own storage box with a built-in LCD screen to review, monitor and record video footage in real-time.

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4. Types of Drain Inspection Cameras

Videoflex G2 available at one point survey - A Buyers Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras

Hand-Held Cameras

As the name suggests they are held within the users hand whilst the cable is inserted into a specific area for investigation.

Hand-help drain inspection cameras are much smaller and more lightweight than other types. They are typically cordless which allows for more mobility.

We offer the Videoflex G2, a hand-held video inspection system that is used for visually inspecting areas that are difficult to access. It is available in two length options: 1.5 meters and 10 meters!

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Reel Inspection Cameras

Vivax vCam-5 available at one point survey - A Buyers Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras

Reel Inspection cameras are often more comprehensive, offering a range of incredible features alongside a long length of cable to inspect plenty of drain coverage.

Modern reel inspection cameras offer a LCD Screen, high quality video recording capability, typewriter functionality and much more!

Our recommended reel drain inspection camera is the Vivax vCam-5, an inspection camera that offer a vast array of incredible features to make the job easier!

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troglotech t804 - Available at One Point Survey - A Buyers Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras

Best Reel Drain Inspection Camera

Winner: Troglotech T804

The T804 is designed to be fully portable, powered by an advanced power cell which allows up to six hours operation from a single charge with recharge achieved in hours.

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5. Drain Inspection Camera Brands

Laser Liner

Laser liner has been manufacturing professional tools for 20 years. The experienced team have developed innovative solutions whilst keeping products user friendly!

We recommend their Videoflex G2 Video Inspection System. Not only is it affordable, it offers plenty of useful features all packed into one compact hand-held device!

Vivax Metrotech

40 years of experience in providing high quality locating instrument solutions proves that Vivax products are always one to consider!

The aim is to provide top quality products at competitive prices! The Vivax vCam-5 is definitely top quality & is our most recommended Drain inspection camera!


The Troglotech team has a wealth of experience in the industry. They learnt the what designs worked & the ones that didn’t survive and they took that knowledge to create one of the most robust inspection systems possible.

The Troglotech T804 has been designed to fulfill a list of criteria, including:

  • Weatherproof
  • Reliable 
  • Full Service Life

All of this and much more!

videoflex g2 - Available at One Point Survey - A Buyers Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras

Best Hand-Held Drain Inspection Camera

Winner: Videoflex G2

A video inspection system for visually inspecting areas that are difficult to access.The camera head at a FlexCamera transfers pictures directly to a LCD-Monitor.

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6. What Laser Level Accessories Will I Need?

Videoflex G2 available at one point survey - A Buyers Guide to Drain Inspection Cameras
  • Batteries: Typically, most drain inspection cameras will come with these included. However. It is always very important to have batteries for your product to ensure work can be carried out! 

View our full range of accessories below!

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