A Buyers Guide to Gas Detectors

Guide to Gas Detectors

In this guide you will find the following information: 

  1. What is a Gas Detector?
  2. Gas Detectors: To Buy or Hire?
  3. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gas Detector
  4. Types of Gas Detectors
  5. Gas Detector Brands
  6. Gas Detector Accessories
  7. Callibration

We hope our guide to gas detectors helps you make the right decision!

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1. What is a Gas Detector?

a crowcon t4 - available at one point survey equipment - A Buyers Guide to Gas Detectors

Gas detectors are incredibly useful tools that can detect multiple types of gases and prevent serious incidents occurring from gas leaks.

Some gas detectors can detect gas and then shut down certain processes to make an environment safer, whilst others are able to sound an alarm to alert people in the area of a gas leak, giving them the opportunity to leave and get to safety.

There are a many different types of gas detectors with extensive features & functionalities that are truly an asset to any team or home. Not all gas is detectable through smell and so these products can really make a difference!

Whether you’re using this for your job or just trying to make your home safer, a gas detector is a great product regardless of any technical knowledge you may have, there is a product for everyone. 

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 2. Gas Detector: To Buy or Hire?

Gas Detectors available at One Point Survey - A Buyers Guide to Gas Detectors

Deciding you want or need a Gas Detector is the first step, next you will need to decide whether buying or hiring is best for you.

The answer is different for every individual and so there are some important things to consider before making the decision.

  • How often will the product be used? Buying a gas detector outright can be an ideal option for those who know that it will be regularly used as this will more than make up for the price. However, if you’re using it here and there for odd jobs perhaps it would be more cost effective to hire.
  • What is your budget? Buying expensive products outright might not be an option for some. Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to Gas Detectors and many of them are affordable!

It’s important to get the right Gas Detector for you with all the abilities and features you need! One Point Survey offer a great Hire service, get in touch with us today to discuss requirements!

Check out our hiring vs buying guide below

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3. Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Gas Detector

A BW GAM Microclip XT Gas detector - available at One Point Survey - A Buyers Guide to Gas Detectors

There are many different Gas Detectors available for use and so there is a lot to consider when trying to choose the one for you.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Application: Consider what you will be using the Gas Detector for, is it to feel safer in your home or for work? If you are working it is more likely you will use a portable Gas Detector! If you are looking to use it in the home you are more likely to use a fixed gas detector.
  • Gas Detection: What gas do you want your Gas Detector to be able to detect? Some detectors are able to detect multiple gases whilst others aren’t. If you’re in need of a product that can detect a specific gas, make sure that the one you are buying is able to detect it.
  • Experience: The product you should buy will depend on your knowledge and experience. If you are new to gas detection with limited knowledge you would be better off considering an easy to use gas detector such as the Crowcon T4!

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4. Types of Gas Detectors

Gas detectors come in two main forms: fixed gas detectors and portable gas detectors.

Fixed gas detectors are typically mounted in areas you wish to be protected from gas and are then able to alert you to high volumes of gas should that occur.

Portable gas detectors are usually clipped to the belt of working personnel to monitor the area around them. These products will also alert their wearer to dangerous levels of gas being detected via flashing lights or alarms. 

5. Gas Detector Brands

There are plenty of brilliant gas detector brands to choose from, all offering unique products with a range of high quality features & functionality!

Some of the top brands include:


A market leading & innovative business with the vision to protect not only people but the environment from gas hazards!

Crowcon focus on gas detection and offer an excellent range of gas detectors such as the Crowcon T4 Gas Detector! This product is able to detect the four most common gases and can be operated with minimal training!

Crowcon T4 Gas Detector - Available at One Point Survey - A Buyers Guide to Gas Detectors

Best Crowcon Gas Detector

Winner: Crowcon T4 Gas Detector

T4 is Crowcon's personal protection solution for detecting the four most common gas hazards.

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MSA Safety

A Company focused on helping men and women to work in safety, this company is responsible for some of the best fixed and portable gas detectors!

MSA is known as the safety company thanks to their high quality safety products such as the MSA ALTAIR (4 GAS) Gas Detector! This Detector surpasses industry standards in several crucial areas. Its four-year sensor life is 60% longer than the industry average, while its 24-hour run time exceeds the industry average by 71%.


Altair 4XR Multigas Detector

Winner: 4XR Multigas Detector

The ALTAIR 4XR Gas Detector is the toughest 4-gas monitor, outfitted with rapid-response MSA XCell® sensors and backed by a 4-year warranty.

It provides real-time incident awareness when paired with the MSA ALTAIR Connect app via a Bluetooth® wireless connection. 

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6. What Gas Detector Accessories Will I Need?

Batteries - Available at One Point Survey - A Buyers Guide to Gas Detectors
  • Batteries – Strong rechargeable batteries are essential for portable gas detectors to keep your product working for as long as possible.
  • Chargers – Some batteries are rechargeable so it is essential to carry chargers to make sure you can use it on site and recharge for each use.

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7. Calibration

One Point Surveys Calibration Workshop - A Buyers Guide to Gas Detectors

Regular calibration is essential for all gas detectors to make sure they are working properly and to the best of the products ability. As gas detectors are safety equipment it is incredibly important to do this and ensure safety in all aspects of work.

One Point Survey offer a calibration service! Get in touch today to find out more or read about our services below.

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