Best Cable Avoidance Tools

July 10, 2017

Best Cable Avoidance Tools

Best Cable Avoidance Tools

Cable avoidance tools are vital to any site where there will be cable installation or any risk of striking buried utilities, such as pipes or cables.

Tools such as cable detectors or Ground Penetrating Radars will detect any hazards before excavation work which keeps workers safe and helps prevent any costly damages.

Cable installation equipment is also important when it comes to fast and easy installation of cables – saving you time and money.

At One Point Survey, we can offer the following cable avoidance tools:

There is such a variety of choice, you may be wondering which tools are best for your needs. We’ve put together a list of our recommended top cable avoidance tools to help you decide!

Budget Options

Best Cable Avoidance Tools

If you’re on a budget but still want to get the most out of your money then you should consider the following options:

  • EZiCAT™ i550: This cable detector comes with all the basic features you need with the added perk of service depth indication! Despite the array of features this tool is capable of, it’s still affordable and perfect for budget buyers!
  • CAT4+: If you’re not interested in fancy features such as GPS/GNSS or Bluetooth, then this cable detector is a great choice! The most important features are packed into the useful tool including Strike Alert™, Avoidance Mode™ and more! This is a brilliant investment.

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Does It All Options

Best Cable Avoidance Tools - Ezicat i750 cable detector

If you want cable detectors that can do it all then these are the options most suited to you:

  • EZiCAT™ i750: This effective cable detector really does it all! With 4 operating modes, a peak assist function, data logging, GPS technology and much more you can’t go wrong!
  • gCAT4+: The new gCAT4+ cable detector includes the StrikeAlert™ & CALSafe Software as standard along with GPS/GNSS technology! This product can make a huge difference on site!

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Price Is No Issue Options

eSafe Ground Penetrating Radar - Best Cable Avoidance Tools

If price truly is not an issue you may want to consider a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). These cable avoidance tools allow you to detect utilities with ease, even if they are non-conductive materials!  At One Point Survey, we have two options available:

  • Leica DS2000: The Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar finds all potential threats, including non-conductive pipes and fibre optics, increasing safety by lowering the risk of accidentally hitting underground assets.
  • eSafe: e-Safe can detect the likely presence of utility services and other below ground anomalies made from a wide range of materials including those that are non-conductive and/or non-metallic. The sleek and user-friendly design of this incredible tool means the operator does not need to have extensive knowledge, or prior training for it to be used effectively. However, we do strongly recommend all operators seek training appropriate to their use. Training is a service that we offer at One Point Survey!

In some cases, it might be more cost effective to hire the more expensive products and tools. One Point Survey offer a hire service, please get in touch to discuss any requirements. 

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Cable Installation

Cable installation equipment from the Cobra Range - Best Cable Avoidance Tools

Cable installation is a useful cable avoidance tool. Not only can it be used to quickly and effectively install cables in a variety of different places but it can also provide a solution when trying to locate ducts, pipes & drains!

At One Point Survey, we offer two different cable installation ranges:

Cobra Range: This range is used for fast and easy installation and is ideal for wiring multi storey office complexes and industrial sectors! Price varies depending on the width you require. We can supply 4.5mm width up to 14mm width with this range.

Flexitrace Range: This range is typically used to help locate pipes, cables and ducts. We can offer 3 varying widths including: 4.5mm, 6mm & 9mm.

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A Buyers Guide

Best Cable Avoidance Tools

We have written a buyer’s guide to cable detectors which covers a full range of subjects to help our customers make the best decision!

Subjects covered include:

  • What is a Cable Detector?
  • Cable Detectors: To Buy or Hire? 
  • Cable Detector Brands
  • Accessories

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