How to Maintain Your Survey Equipment
How to Maintain Your Survey Equipment

Survey equipment is used day in and day out in various conditions making it even more important to ensure that your equipment is being properly maintained.

Most equipment can be expensive so replacing it constantly is not cost effective or even possible for some.

Taking simple steps to keep your survey equipment maintained effectively can help you save time, money and ensure that your surveys are efficient and accurate.

Using proper care methods when it comes to using your equipment, storing & transporting it can have a tremendous effect on the life expectancy of your equipment, as well as the quality.

Routine Care of Survey Equipment

Routine Care of Survey Equipment

When you purchase an instrument, it will typically come with a product manual that shows you how to properly care for and maintain your product. It’s so important to know these procedures and carry them out routinely.

General & routine care of survey equipment consist of:

  • Keeping your equipment as clean and dry as possible.
  • Always inspect your equipment for cracks or dents.
  • Clean your equipment as frequently as possible.
  • Cover your equipment when it is being left for long periods of time.

Product manuals will cover specific procedures depending on the instrument you are using.


Transporting Survey Equipment with a Carry Case - Available at One Point Survey

Major damage can occur to survey equipment if it is not properly stored for transport.

There are plenty of ways to ensure that you can keep your equipment safe and undamaged when transporting it from site to site, the most obvious being the use of an efficient carry case.

Carry cases work to protect your instruments from outside dangers as well as minimising motion within the case to stop movement and any damage that could potentially cause.

It is still important to store your case in a safe place when it is being transported in a vehicle and also when the instrument is not being used.


Calibration & Repair

Calibration & Repair - Available at One Point Survey

Keeping your survey equipment regularly calibrated and repairing any issues as soon as possible is another effective way of maintaining your equipment.

One Point Survey offer a calibration service in order to ensure your instruments are working to the best of their ability and providing accurate results every time.

For all calibrations we offer:

  •  Affordable prices
  • 5-day turnaround on calibration and repair jobs
  • All manufacturers covered (Leica, TopCon, Radiodetection, Cable Detection, Crowcon, Drager, etc.)
  • Highly qualified workshop engineers
  • Calibration certificates supplied with all jobs

We can also repair your survey equipment when needed which can be extremely cost effective, especially if problems are repaired early.

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Survey Equipment Accessories - Available at One Point Survey

Using certain accessories can help maintain and enhance the abilities of your survey equipment.

As already stated, a carry case is a very important accessory to own alongside your instrument as it provides protection for your equipment.

We offer a range of carry cases amongst many other accessories that will help you day to day onsite.

Other accessories include:

We always recommend making sure you have plenty of spares onsite to avoid any problems, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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