The Benefits of Training
Benefits of Training with survey equipment

Here at One Point Survey, we are proud to offer a range of training course to help you improve your skills.

We offer training courses for many pieces of equipment including cable detectors, theodolites, total stations, GPS survey equipment, laser levels, automatic levels and much more besides.

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The 5 Main Benefits of Training

In this guide, we will outline the 5 main benefits of our training courses…

1)  Maximises the Full Potential of Your Equipment

Benefits of training

The equipment that we sell and hire often comes with a wide range of features.

For example, a cable detector is now capable of doing so much more than simply locating buried cables, pipes and other utilities. Newer models are fitted with GPS capabilities meaning that all work can be stored and tracked thus creating total accountability for the work carried out.

To take advantage of these advanced features, it is vital that staff are trained to use them correctly. The cost of the training is easily outweighed by the benefits of using these additional features.

2) Saves Money by Completing Tasks More Effectively and Efficiently

Benefits of Hiring - Up to Date Equipment

There are 2 main ways that training can help to save money for your project.

Firstly, trained staff are likely to carry out their tasks in an efficient and timely manner. This will ultimately save time and money.

Secondly, well-trained staff are less likely to make mistakes in their work. There is nothing worse than your project being held back by an easily avoidable mistake or miscalculation.

Training will help your project run effectively and efficiently.

3) Improves Health & Safety

Benefits of Hiring - Reduced Responsibility for Upkeep

The health and safety of all workers is a very important part of any project.

The correct use of equipment plays an important role in improving health and safety standards.

This is particularly true when using cable locators. If the job is carried out correctly then the chances of hitting underground utilities is vastly reduced.

For this reason, we highly recommend the following courses:

  1. Cable Avoidance Training >>
  2. Train the Trainer >>

4) Upskills Your Team

Benefits of Hiring - Automatic Replacement if Equipment fails (through no fault of your own).

Upskilling your team is a vital part of running any business.

Upskilled workers are more likely to perform their job well. They are also more likely to remain satisfied in their role helping you avoid quick turnover of staff.

In turn, the business clearly benefits from upskilled workers and a positive working environment.

Training is always worth the investment!

Benefits of Hiring - Advice, Support & Training

5) Ensures a Well-Run Project

When managing a project, it helps enormously to be supported by well-trained staff who you trust to carry out their tasks in a competent manner.

Training plays a vital role is ensuring that you and your team have the skillset to complete the job at hand.

There is nothing worse than the chaos of a badly run project. Training is the key to ensuring a well-run project.

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