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One Point Survey Hire Fleet - Vans

At One Point Survey we are constantly striving to expand our already extensive and high quality hire fleet. We offer a comprehensive range of Survey Equipment & Safety Equipment to hire and buy.

You can be sure to have peace of mind regardless of whether you’re renting long or short term as our hire fleet is tested and calibrated to manufacturers specification. We want to make sure we can offer our customers the best survey equipment on the market at affordable prices.

Our range of Survey equipment includes products such as levels, laser levels, total stations, GPS survey equipment and machine control and you will find many different types of each to suit your specific needs. The same is available with our Safety Equipment with cable detectorsgas detectors, escape kits and more available!

eSafe Ground Penetrating Radar

eSafe Ground Penetrating Radar

An example of our ever expanding hire fleet is our eSafe Ground Penetrating Radar. Using a ground penetrating radar allows you to detect utility services and other underground obstructions with a high level of ease and accuracy.

By utilising Ground Probing Radar/Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) as its underlying technology, eSafe goes a step further and can detect the presence of utility services and other below ground anomalies made from a wide range of materials. This includes materials that are non-metallic and/or non-conductive.

Further to this, regardless of whether services are carrying ‘Live’ power, an AC current or are emanating a noticeable electromagnetic field, eSafe can detect them. This makes it a very diverse product, able to be useful in a variety of different situations.

Thankfully, due to it’s unique design and easy user interface, eSafe does not require an operator to have extensive knowledge in Ground Penetrating Radar techniques. However, we do recommend that all operators seek training appropriate for their use. In some countries, this is mandatory prior to first use.

Door to Door Delivery & Collection

With branches in Verwood, Dorset and Exeter, Devon our services cover the south of England and beyond. We want to make the process easy for you so often offer door to door delivery and collection within:

Door to door delivery & collection counties

• Berkshire
• Cornwall
• Devon
• Dorset
• Hampshire
• Somerset
• Surrey
• Sussex
• Wiltshire

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If you’re looking for long term hire, prices can be negotiated. Do you wish to contact us to discuss hire requirements?

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