Expanding Our Verwood Branch

 one point survey workshop

One Point are excited to announce we have expanded our Verwood branch - taking over the upstairs section of the building.

Our office admins and accounts manager will now have their own space upstairs, while the rest of the team operate downstairs. 

This marks another step forward for One Point survey, who have seen the Verwood branch grow from strength to strength in recent years.

Evolution of the Verwood Branch

one point survey vans outside verwood branch

The Verwood Branch has evolved over the years, we didn't always have the room we have now.

To begin with, staff at the Verwood branch had to operate all within one small store room. 

However, over time we expanded and began to take over the whole downstairs area. We had a workshop, store room and our branch manager had their own space separate from the accounts manager.

Now we have the upstairs areas as well, which will allow our office admins and accounts manager to work more effectively.

What this New Expansion Means for Us

Upstairs in One Point Survey Verwood Branch

This new expansion brings a host of benefits to us and of course our customers. 

The extra space will allow us to work faster and more effectively. 

With the time we save, we're able to dedicate more of that time to our customers, resulting in a higher level of service.

While we enjoyed the cosiness that the old space provided, we can't deny it did get a little cramped! The staff at One Point are delighted to have the extra space to work from. 

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