Our Workshop is Accredited for Abtech Safety Equipment

Safety Harness

One Point Survey Ltd specialise in Survey and Safety equipment and provide the very best equipment on the market.

We are proud to be partnered with Abtech Safety.

We are confident that their ethos is on par with our own where safety is concerned, and we know Abtech Safety equipment really is the best.

About Abtech Safety

Abtech Safety Logo

Abtech Safety Ltd are a market leading safety company providing safety equipment and training to the construction industry.

They were incorporated in 1991 employing a skilled and knowledgeable team.

Abtech Safety have in-depth knowledge and specialise in Fall Protection, Confined Space Work, Rescue Systems, Access and Height Safety.

Abtech Safety Equipment

Abtech Safety Harness


On site safety is so important that we only provide the very best equipment. Abtech equipment meets and exceeds European and Government Guidelines on Safety equipment in the construction industry.

With Abtech Safety equipment you can rest assured that you have provided the very best safety equipment for your on-site staff.

Our Abtech safety equipment includes;

  • Safety tripods
  • Safety harnesses
  • Winches
  • Lanyards
  • Davit systems
  • Fall arrest blocks

The Benefits of Abtech Accreditation

Construction Workers

Abtech Safety Ltd have a sister company called Outreach Rescue which provides training in the use of all Safety Equipment.

Outreach Rescue has an impressive history in the provision of safety and rescue training for emergency services and military organisations.

Having recently extended their training portfolio to the industrial sector One Point Survey have been able to take full advantage of these training programmes.

One Point Survey staff are fully trained and accredited to provide training in the safe use of all Abtech Safety equipment in our workshops.

Our Training and Workshops

One Point Workshops and Training

Our workshop team engineers are highly skilled and experienced in the provision of all training as well as calibration and repair services.

We have received manufacturers training from Abtech Safety Ltd in the provision of Safety training.

One Point Survey Equipment are also ISO 9001 accredited.

We consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements.

We offer training and workshops in;

  • Cable Avoidance
  • Train the Trainer
  • Levelling and Setting Out
  • Theodolite Setting Out
  • EDM Stage 1
  • EDM Stage 2
  • Site Survey and Setting Out 1 & 2
  • GPS Awareness

and much more.

Book now by phoning 0800 633 5131 or email service@onepointsurvey.com.

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