Leica iCON iCR70 Robotic Total Station

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The Leica iCON iCR70 facilitates the move from traditional analogue measurement methods to modern digital layout techniques. Which are a necessity within modern BIM processes and achieves high productivity and accuracies demanded by the building construction industry.

The iCR70 can be used by the existing construction workforce with minimal training and does not disrupt existing construction processes.

  • Layout lines for footings or chalk line for formwork on foundations
  • Layout points on binding layer such as pipe insert of cut-outs before pouring concrete
  • MEP layout of hanger locations for HVAC and duct work, inserts and slits for sheet metal work
  • Fully automatic layout routines of points on floor or ceiling lines for pipe wall penetrations

Prepare and execute construction tasks faster, simpler and more accurately. This robot, tailored to your construction needs, is designed for one-person operation, giving you approximately an eighty per cent increase of productivity over other conventional layout practices. The iCON iCR70 is your best partner for construction layout, helping you to simplify your work on site, be on time and under budget. With a bullet-proof set-up routine, you can be confident that you have the right set up. It guarantees layout efficiency with flexible handling of fully rendered 3D design models in the field.

  • 4-button keypad for simple operation
  • Fast prism search by patented technology SpeedSearch
  • Stable data communication with long-range Bluetooth (up tp 400m)
  • Aligned to modern BIM processes, fully-rendered 3D design models can be easily shared via COnx from the design office to the field crews

Go Digital
Swap the traditional measuring methods for new modern technology that is easy-to-use. The iCON iCR70 allows you to move from traditional analogue layout methods, such as tapes, plumb bobs and strings to modern digital layout methods. Using the new construction total station from Leica you can now turn complex designs into reality with ease.

Rich intelligent design data can be handed over form the office to field crews as fully rendered 3D models. The layout objects App. allows you to lay out straight from 3D models be selecting an object, like a column or pipe, simply by tapping on it in the controller. This gives field crews full flexibility selecting their work packages by objects with simple yet powerful filter mechanisms making this ideal for MEP/HVAC construction layout.

Automated Set Up
The Setup Pilot app allows you to remain confident with the most reliable, simple and automated setup routine which requires no user interaction. With it a successful set-up completion is visually communicated, indicating layout can immediately begin at the push of a button.







Accuracy 2”, 5" 1”, 2”, 5”
Range 1.5m to 3500m
R500: 1.5m to >500m
1.5m to 3500m
R30: 1.5m to 30m
R1000: 1.5m to >1000m
Measurement Time Prism: 1mm + 1.5ppm
Single: 2mm + 2ppm
Prism: 1mm + 1.5ppm
Single: 2mm + 2ppm
Laser Dot Size @ 50m 8mm x 20mm 8mm x 20mm
Measurement Technology Coaxial, visible red laser Coaxial, visible red laser
Target Aiming Type ATR ATRplus
Prism Search Type SpeedSearch PowerSearch
Field Software iCON Field Software running on
field controller (CC80) connected
via Radio or cable.
iCON Field Software running on
the instrument
Machine Control Capability No Yes
Processor Windows EC7

Windows EC7

Operating Time 8-10 Hours 6-8 Hours
Data Storage 2GB SD card 1GB or 8GB 2GB SD card 1GB or 8GB
Weight 5.0kg 5.3kg
IP Rating IP55 IP55

Leica iCON iCR70/80 Total Station Datasheet

Leica iCON CC80 Field Controller Datasheet

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