Two Person Rescue Tripod - RT3

£995 exc. VAT


The RT3 has 6 anchor points tested to EN795.

The 3 overhead pulleys hold up to 11mm rope.

The extra swivel anchor points allow a rescuer to double rope and may be used with pulleys for airlines, communication lines, medical kits, tool kits etc.

Mechanical Prusik and automatic belay devices may be attached to the eyebolts.

For tripod stability, the tripod legs may be indivdualy adjusted.

For extra stability lanyards may be attached to the feet and pinned to the floor; anchor lines may be attached to the eye bolts on the tripod head.

The height of the tripod enables a casualty on a stretcher raised vertically to be lifted clear of the entrance.

This Tripod has detachable legs for portability and storage. Available with a padded carrying bag.

  • Designed for 2 persons
  • Safe Working Load: 250Kg
  • Safety ratio: 6:1
  • Maximum Height: 2.6 meters
  • Height Closed: 2.15 meters
  • Maximum Base: 2.0 meters
  • Minimum Base: 1.3 meters
  • Weight: 21.5kg

RT3 - Two Person Rescue Tripod

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