Compact Frame Cobra (9mm width)

  • The compact frame cobra rodding system gives a compact and labour saving solution for cable installation whether installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes through pipes or when using with a Sonde transmitter for locating pipes and blockages.

  • Features
    Fast easy Cable Installation
    Light weight for easy transportation
    Cage easily separates from frame
    Ideal for wiring of multi-storey office complexes, shopping malls and industrial sectors

    Robust, zinc plated steel frames
    Highest quality, fibreglass rod radially reinforced construction for strength and reliability during cable installation

    Faster and more economic than screw together drain rods for cable pulling or rodding

    Highest quality 9mm coated reinforced fibreglass rod

    Brass end fittings with smooth profile aluminium guiding tip

    Rugged steel construction, Zinc plated.

    Dimensions (mm)
    920 high x 820 width x 300 depth

    Safety Brake
    Integral fully adjustable brake system fitted as standard

    Wheels fitted as standard

  •  Size


    9mm x 50mtr

    £221.00 exc VAT

    9mm x 60mtr

    £237.00 exc VAT

    9mm x 80mtr

    £259.00 exc VAT

    9mm x 100mtr

    £303.00 exc VAT

    9mm x 120mtr

    £326.00 exc VAT

    9mm x 150mtr

    £358.00 exc VAT

    9mm x 180mtr

    £414.00 exc VAT

    9mm x 200mtr

    £441.00 exc VAT