Geo-Fennel FET 220 Theodolite

Price on Application


The Geofennel FET 220 Theodolite is used for measuring horizontal, vertical and zenith angles.

It can be used for engineering, civil engineering and general construction.

    Features & Benefits

    • Large easy-to-read LCD
    • Laser plummet for easy set up over the ground point
    • Illumination of LCD and field of view
    • Horizontal circle: Hold-Function, 0-set at any desired position, clockwise/anti-clockwise reading
    • Vertical circle: reading in gon / degrees / percent

    Box Contents

    • Geofennel FET 220 Theodolite
    • Tribrach
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Charger
    • Battery compartment for alkaline batteries
    • Container


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