Leica GLS51 Telescopic Detail Pole

£670 exc. VAT


The GSL52 telescopic pole, developed with the Leica AP20, has the ability to search and lock onto a specific target and automatically measure target heights up to 2.2 meters. Constructed from a durable, high-grade carbon/ glass fibre material.

Leica AP20 AutoPole, a unique smart system that boosts on-site productivity by enabling point measurements with a tilted pole. The mechanical interface to the AP20 AutoPole ensures precise axis alignment for reliable tilt compensation and stable use in any pole handling, including when the pole is inverted.

GLS51 Key Features:

  • Developed with Leica AP20 Autopole interface
  • Extendable length, 1.34 meters  to 2.20 meters 
  • Analogue bubble and printed height scale, (metric.)
  • Twist lock and snap lock positions every 5cm 
  • Made from high-grade carbon/fibre glass
  • Compatible with a range of prisms and accessories

AP20 Autopole Features:

  • Precise axis alignment 
  • Reliable tilt compensation
  • Target ID - automatic target search, identification and locking
  • Automatic pole height function


  • Compatible with all existing survey prisms, (GRZ4, GRZ122, GPR111, GPR121)
  • Leica accessories range including, bi-pods, prism adapters, exchangeable pole tips and pole clamps. 


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