Leica iCON iGG4 - 3D System

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Exploit all possibilities of your motor grader with the Leica iCON grade iGG4 system. iCON iGG4 lets operators utilise the true potential of their machines for a wider range of applications, by moving materials anyway they want. Operators can now finish jobs faster, with drastically reduced downtime and complete more tasks with their motor grader than ever before. 

The iCON iGG4 empowers motor grader operators to do more without spending years in on-the-job training. The easy-to-understand solution makes most operators productive in just a short period of time. You can perform tasks with the grader now which previously seemed impossible. Crab walk when creating ditches or grade side slopes – let iGG4 automatically control the blade of the motor grader while you focus on putting the machine in the optimal position. The bottom line is: you save money by getting more production out of the machines you already own by adding an iCON grade iGG4 to your grader.


  • Maximise the potential of your motor grader for a wider range of applications with higher accuracy.
  • Run your machine in automatic mode, while moving with precision in any direction.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with your grader. The dual antenna configuration enhances accuracy, resulting in less rework.
  • Complex tasks are now easily done. Crab walk your motor grader to properly handle material windrows and precisely grade side slopes or create ditches.
  • The scalable iCON grade solution lets you expand your grader’s system as your projects grow in scope and size. You only invest in what you need.
  • The latest CAN technology lets you expand your system's functionality by simply adding the required components.
  • PowerSnap: same panel use for any functionality level on any machine supported by iCON 3D.
Dual GNSS antenna solution

Precision and easy operation in any application.

The dual antennae configuration for motor graders offers clear advantages over single mast GNSS solutions.
Regardless of how the machine is positioned, the blade position is calculated accurately, allowing you to grade precisely and efficiently. Featuring the latest GNSS technology with the iCON gps 80 receiver, the iCON grade iGG4 system ensures fast and reliable grading in any application.


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