Leica Lino ML180 Liner Laser

£1,300 exc. VAT


Smart targeting

The new multi-line laser Leica Lino ML180 combines high accuracy with ease of use by adding automatic Smart Targeting. This new function automatically catches the laser beam to save time and costs on interior finishing or smaller exterior construction projects. One person is all that is needed to efficiently complete layout tasks of up to 50 metres. The repetitive, time-consuming task of checking projection lines over long distances has been eliminated.

Smart Targeting enables automatic aligning of the vertical laser beam from the Leica Lino ML180 via the included laser receiver with remote control. Users no longer need to walk back and forth to continuously check alignment positions. Workflows are optimised, resulting in time and cost savings.

Ideal for long distance ranges with the highest levelling accuracy

Accurate layouts at distances of up to 50 metres are easily achieved, with Leica Lino ML180 self-levelling system. Uneven surfaces causing slight device tilting are automatically corrected so users achieve extremely precise projection lines. The results are more professional with faster project completion, especially when working in larger areas.

Smart power concept - always ready

The Leica Lino ML180 comes with a rechargeable battery pack, offering users flexibility by ensuring the Leica Lino is always ready for use. Rechargeable lithium batteries can be easily exchanged with alkaline, allowing work to continue while batteries recharge.

      Delivery Package

      • Leica Lino ML180 multi line laser
      • Leica XCR Catch with clamp
      • 3 batteries type AA 1.5 for laser receiver
      • Rechargeable NiMH battery pack
      • International charging device with 4 plugs
      • Battery holder for alkaline batteries
      • Large red target plate
      • Small red target plate
      • Red laser glasses


      Leica Disto Family Brochure

      Leica Lino ML90/ML180 Datasheet

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