Leica ScanStation P40

Price on Application


Accomplished scanning with adaptability and clarity

The Leica ScanStation P40 incorporates exceptional speed, range and data quality capabilities for ultimate scanning solutions for all site projects. 

The ScanStation P40 provides extreme performance in tough environments making it the perfect choice for harsh working conditions and ensures that it generates high quality, comprehensive 3D point clouds, in real clarity, every time. 


Key Features 

  • High quality 3D data and HDR imaging 
  • Scan rate of 1 mio pts/sec
  • Maximum scan range of 270 meters 
  • 3D accuracy  3.2mm at 50 meters / 5.9mm at 100 meters
  • User defined resolution settings
  • Survey-grade, dual-axis compensation
  • Low range noise
  • Performance in harsh environmental conditions

High Performance

The P40 combines high quality HDR imaging and 3D data capture with scan range of up to 120 meters.

The low range noise and survey-grade dual-axis compensation enable comprehensive 3D point cloud colour mapping every time. 

Complete Scanning Solutions

An entire scanning solution for all your projects, the ScanStation P40 integrates the Leica ScanStation portfolio including hardware, software, service, training and support. 

  • Leica Cyclone
  • Leica CloudWorx plug-ins 
  • Leica TruView

Reduced Downtime 

Ability to work and perform within harsh environmental conditions. IP54 rating for water resistance and dust as well as  intense temperature ranges of -20°C to +50°C.



Leica ScanStation P40 - Data Sheet


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