Leica Viva CS20 Controller

Price on Application


Dominant performance through seamless integration
The next generation of Leica Viva and Nova measuring instruments become the world’s first self-learning total stations and MultiStation with Leica Captivate.
Transforming the Leica Viva GNSS experience, this engaging software joins ultimate GNSS receiver innovation with an industry-first 3D user immersion. Leica Captivate modernises the Leica Nova scanning experience, for the first time merging the overlay of measured points, 3D models and point clouds into a single view.

The Leica Captivate Experience immerses you beyond the data with engaging software, renowned high-precision measurement instruments and trusted services. Through the simplicity of touch, management of complex data is made extraordinarily enjoyable and actionable.

Robust award winning design

  • High protection IP68
  • Awarded an Honourable Mention in the Red Dot Awards: Product Design
  • Expansion pack allows future modules to be used

Highly visible screen

  • 5“ WVGA colour touch screen

High processor power

  • OMAP4430 1GHz Dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor
  • Integrated POWERVR™ SGX540 graphics accelerator

Integrated peripherals

  • Fully-integrated radio and antenna for long range robotic total station control
  • Integrated DISTO™
  • 3.75 G modem, WLAN and Bluetooth®
  • 5MP camera and flash Compass, tilt and accelerometer

Stunning 3D viewer

  • Zoom, pan, orbit and window
  • Live stream video overlay (from imaging total stations)
  • Full data interaction

Simple, consistent user interface

  • Great design
  • Swipe to choose jobs and apps
  • Customisable home-screen
  • Transitions and animations

Leica Captivate - An Overview


Leica Captivate - Are You Ready To Be Captivated?


Leica Captivate - The World's First Self-Learning Total Stations

Leica Captivate Brochure

Leica CS20 and CS35 Datasheet

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