Machine Control MR240 Receiver

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Ideal for use with backhoes and mini-excavators, this receiver offers the convenience of a machine-mounted display at an economical price. The MR240 receiver provides accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications, with 240° detection of any rotating laser.

One-person operation saves time and money!

Attaches to excavator arm with extra strong rare earth magnets built into back plate.

No grade checker required

So there’s no expensive machine downtime while operator checks grade with a rod.

Positioning the Agatec MR240 receiver with release lever

  1. Pull the lever down before placing it on the excavator arm. This creates a gap between the back plate and machine.
  2. This gap prevents the strong magnets from attaching to the machine until you have it in position.
  3. Once it is in position, lift the lever to lock receiver.

LEDs indicate direction

Blinking LEDs point in the direction to move the bucket to reach grade. Color also tells you at a glance your position. 5 channels available in fine:


  • LED indicators show position of cutting edge in relation to the laser reference beam
  • Memory stores last signal received. LED arrows indicate which way to move the bucket to pick up the laser beam again
  • Choice of three settings: 3 channels (indicators) in coarse mode; 3 or 5 channels in fine
  • Magnetic mount allows quick mounting and easy movement from machine to machine


  • One-person operation
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Rugged, waterproof constructionWaterproof (IP67)
  • Range: 650 ft. (200 m) varies with laser used
  • Accuracy: Fine: 1/4” (6 mm) Coarse: 1” (30 mm)
  • Battery life approx. 130 hours - 3 AA alkaline
  • Operating temperature -18 to 158 F; (-28 to 70 C)

Package includes:

  • Machine Control MR240 Receiver
  • Charger
  • MR240R User Manual
  • Carry Case

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