Ferret Frame Cobra (6mm width)

Length: 30 metres
£175 exc. VAT


The 'Ferret' cobra rodding system gives a compact and labour saving solution for cable installation whether installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes through pipes or when using with a Sonde transmitter for locating pipes and blockages.

Fast easy Cable Installation
Light weight for easy transportation
Cage easily separates from frame
Ideal for wiring of multi-storey office complexes, shopping malls and industrial sectors

Robust, zinc plated steel frames
Highest quality, fibreglass rod with a high resin content to ensure lateral strength

Faster and more economic than screw together drain rods for cable pulling or rodding Rod: Highest quality 6mm coated reinforced fibreglass rod
Fittings: Brass end fittings with smooth profile brass guiding tip
Frame: Rugged steel construction, Zinc plated.
Dimensions (mm): 700 high x 580 width x 250 depth
Safety Brake: Integral fully adjustable brake system fitted as standard


6mm x 30mtr

6mm x 50mtr

6mm x 60mtr

6mm x 80mtr

6mm x 100mtr

6mm x 120mtr

6mm x 150mtr

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