Leica GMP111-0 Mini Prism

£190 exc. VAT


Leica GMP111-0 mini reflector prism with bubble, pole and spike set.

The GMP111-0 offers high positional accuracy due to its small size. It is mounted in a polymer holder with 1/4" thread fittings, has a built-in leveling bubble and is supplied with the GLS115 four-section pole and attachable spike (1/4" thread).

This setup allows a point to be measured with very high precision.

  • Prism Constant: 0.0mm
  • Centering Accuracy: 2.0mm
  • Range: 2000m

Box Contents:

  • 1x Prism
  • 4x Poles (screw-on aluminium, permitting five prism heights - 10, 40, 70, 100 & 130cm
  • 1x Spike

Leica Accessories Brochure

Leica Prism Dimensions

Surveying Reflectors White Paper

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