Leica GR30 & GR50 Receivers

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Versatile Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Part of the Leica Geosystems’ GNSS solution, Leica GR30 and GR50 provide cutting-edge technology for outstanding performance. Regardless of the application, all new or existing GNSS permanent and semi-permanent network installations can be assured of receiving and delivering highly accurate and reliable data 24/7 for many years to come.

Flexible and adaptable, these reference servers offer multiple solutions for multiple needs. Leica GR30 and GR50 meet the highest demands for reliability and work in the toughest environments.

Professionals put them to work on any type of GNSS applications, from campaign and permanent single base stations to RTK networks, from structural monitoring to offshore positioning, or from atmospheric research to seismic studies

SmartTrack+ Up to 555 GNSS channels

Designed for top performance and with the future in mind, the GR30 and GR50 features the ultimate GNSS technology. 555 channels enable simultaneous tracking of all visible satellite signals of the current and planned global and regional navigation satellite system constellations. Upgradable software allows to add support for future signals as they become available. SmartTrack+ resilient signal tracking and interference mitigation technology ensures reliable GNSS multi-frequency operation even in challenging environments.

Smart Server Solution

Just like a data centre server, GR30 and GR50 are designed for reliable operation. With highly redundant communication, power supply and streaming and smart-logging capabilities the GR-series offer more than just a standard reference station receiver. Maximum benefit with minimum interaction is achieved through a comprehensive and easy-to-use web interface, event notification via email, SNMP support, automated firmware updates and plug-and-play connectivity

Modular RefWorx Software

The unique onboard RefWorx firmware offers a comprehensive intuitive web interface, providing novice as well as highly experienced professionals complete and easy control. Context sensitive assistance paired with Leica Active Assist facilitate efficient support when needed. Feature-rich with optional onboard tools, such as Leica VADASE and Site Monitor, the RefWorx solutions support a wide range of applications for the diverse GNSS reference station and monitoring needs.



Leica GR30 and GR50 Brochure

Leica GR30 and GR50 Datasheet

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