Leica NA520 Automatic Level

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With the many obstructions and uneven surfaces, construction and building sites are full of levelling challenges. To ensure the straightest and safest construction possible, you need a reliable instrument for all your levelling needs.

On your terms, on your site, Leica Geosystems is your trusted partner and the Leica NA500 Series provides you with reliable levels for accurate measurements and high quality results.

Accurate. Focused. Protected.

  • Leica Geosystems is a pioneer in manufacturing levels and understands the needs of construction workers
  • Whatever your need, basic or more, Leica levels are your answer
  • With a unique design, these levels produce the highest quality results at the best price value
  • The unique design of the Leica NA500 Series reflects the high quality of technology featured inside each level
  • The Leica NA500 Series is ruggedly made to withstand the harshest elements
  • These levels, while highly accurate, provide quick and easy measurements
  • Unbeaten warranty and service offering
  • Leica Geosystems offers solutions for all your construction needs

Box Contents

  • Leica NA500 Automatic Level
  • Carry Case
  • User Manual
  • Calibration Certificate - 1 Year
Model NA520 NA524 NA532
Standard deviation for 1 km double levelling (ISO17123-2) 2.5 mm 1.9 mm 1.6 mm
Telescope image
Magnification 20 x 24 x 32 x
Objective aperture
36 mm
Shortest target distance from instrument axis
< 1.0 m
Field of view at 100 m
< 2.1 m
Multiplication factor
Additive constant 0
Working range
± 15’
Setting accuracy (standard deviation)
< 0.5’’
8’ / 2 mm
Horizontal circle  
Graduation interval
Weight (net)
1.5 kg
Operating temperature range
–20°C to +50°C

Leica NA700 Series Brochure

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