Leica Pegasus Backpack

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The award-winning, wearable mobile mapping solution

In today’s complex world, keeping pace with the speed of change is a challenge for all professionals in any industry.

The Leica Pegasus: Backpack is an award-winning wearable, reality capture sensor platform enabling you to make quick and informed decisions in fast-changing, challenging and hostile environments.

A highly ergonomic design combines five cameras offering fully calibrated 360 degrees view and two LiDAR profilers with an ultra-light carbon fibre chassis. It enables extensive and efficient indoor or outdoor documentation at a level of accuracy that is authoritative and professional.

Designed for rapid and regular reality capture and housed in a lightweight backpack makes it completely portable enabling the user to collect data indoors, outdoors and underground.


Key Features

  • Light and robust
  • Hot swap Li-Ion batteries
  • 200m long range laser scanner
  • GNSS antenna
  • SLAM scanner and IMU
  • 20MP virtual, panoramic cameras
  • All-in-one and portable 



    Leica Pegasus Backpack - Brochure

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