Leica Pegasus TRK Neo

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Simplified, autonomous and intelligent 

The TRK Neo is part of the Leica Pegasus family of mobile mapping tools. Designed for industries such as surveying, transportation and utilities to capture and record accurate geospatial data. Advanced, dynamic scans and expandable imagery can be created through recording, measuring and visualizing environments. Simplified, autonomous and intelligent, the Pegasus TRK Neo Systems turns your vehicle into a mobile mapping machine.

The simple set up, operation and application combined with advanced positioning, data-efficient sensors and adaptive imagery systems delivers intelligence and immersive detail to every type of application. The TRK Neo allows access to spaces and locations that may be difficult or dangerous to reach on foot. 

The system can be mounted onto any vehicle and using LiDAR sensors and automatic object recognition detailed 3D maps and data can be constructed of the environment around you. A great solution for increasing efficiency from field to office.

Each model features:

  • Leica Geosystems' automatic object recognition
  • Advanced cameras and LiDar sensors
  • GNSS positioning 
  • Inertial measurement units, (IMU's)
  • Easy to install and mount onto any vehicle
  • User-friendly interface


Leica Pegasus TRK500 Neo  

The Leica Pegasus TRK500 Neo is small and lightweight and the perfect solution for mobile mapping on smaller vehicles. GNSS positioning, IMU's and four LiDar sensors can capture a data range of up to 150 meters and generate detailed 3D point clouds of any environment. 

Applications: Road mapping, asset management and urban planning. 

Key Features

  • Single scanner, 500,000 measurements/sec
  • Single line point cloud pattern
  • 4 LiDar sensors
  • Weight 18kg
  • Panoramic camera
  • Camera connectors

Leica Pegasus TRK700 Neo

The TRK700 Neo is a more advanced, powerful mapping system suitable for use on larger vehicles and projects. The six, built in, LiDar sensors can capture a range of up to 250 meters and combined with high-precision GNSS positioning and IMU's accurate, detailed 3D point clouds can be generated of the surrounding environment.

Applications: Railway mapping, city modelling and large scale infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Dual scanner, 1,000,000 measurements/sec
  • Crossed line point cloud pattern
  • 6 LiDar sensors
  • Weight 23kg
  • Panoramic camera
  • Camera connectors



Leica Pegasus TRK Neo - Data Sheet

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