Radiodetection Sewer Sonde

£455 exc. VAT


Sewer sonde for tracing non-conductive utilities.

This is a self-contained, battery-operated sonde, measuring 2.51" x 6.61" (64mm x 168mm).

It can be connected to a Flexrod for locating pipes and ducting etc.

It transmits on 33kHz and can be normally located to a maximum depth of 26' (8m).

  • Location Depth: 8m (16ft) minimum 0.5m (1.5ft)
  • Weight: 500g (1lb)
  • Signal: Continuous or Pulsed (reversing battery polarity changes signal)
  • Battery/Life: 1 x 9v Alkaline (6LR61) 15 hours
  • Pressure: 0.2 bar, 2m Water

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